How to Get Michelle Obama’s Fashion Style

It’s so inspiring to see a woman who has it all – beauty, brains, power and style. The First Lady Michelle Obama is the perfect example for such a woman and everybody knows it. Being the wife of one of the most powerful men in the world has its own perks and flaws. For one, you have to always be there by your man’s side (in this case, the President of the United States) which means that you will have to constantly be seen by the public and Michelle Obama does well with so much grace and style. In fact, she’s one of the most stylish First Ladies we’ve had. Here are some tips on how to get Michelle Obama’s fashion style.

  • Flaunt your assets – one of the reasons why Michelle Obama always looks great in whatever she wears is because she knows how to highlight her assets and flaunt it. The First Lady has sexy, firm and toned arms and she flaunts them by wearing sleeveless tops and dresses. If you’ve got a certain asset that you like about your body, flaunt it. Long and slender legs give you all the right to wear dresses, skirts and shorts. An hourglass figure gives you all the freedom to wear figure hugging clothes. Discover and learn about your assets and start wearing clothes that highlight these.

flaunt flaunt assets

  • Add subtle details to make your look more feminine – though Michelle Obama is almost always seen wearing dresses, she can totally rock a suit as well without losing her feminine style. She achieves this by injecting subtle girly details to her outfits like bows or floral accessories or even just soft and light pops of color. You, too, can do this on days when you don’t feel like donning on a dress but would still like to keep your feminine sense of style.

details subtle


  • Wear bright, vibrant solid colors on your clothes – while she absolutely has no problem rocking awesome prints, Michelle Obama is no stranger to bright, vibrant, solid colors too and this is what makes her sense of fashion / style eye catching and outstanding. While most women of power decide to stick to a conventional wardrobe filled with neutral colors, Michelle Obama indulges in lively and vivid colors. You’ll even see her doing the color blocking technique in her outfits sometimes.

bright colors bright color

  • Get polished – Mrs. O’s style is not exactly casual but neither is it strictly formal. Most of the time, you’ll see her wearing ensembles that are considered ‘office friendly’. They’re professional but not boring and polished but high-flown. To achieve the same effect, do not restrict yourself to mix and match different pieces. Try matching separates from different outfits and don’t forget to throw in an accessory or two to keep that girly vibe going on.

polished look polished

  • Establish a signature look – what makes Michelle Obama’s look so distinct is that she has already established a certain look that people can associate her with. She dresses her hourglass figure very well and accentuates it with a belt which has become her trademark accessory. If you have an hourglass figure, you can do the same as well. Otherwise, explore which pieces can flatter your figure and stock up!

belt outfit belt