Reasons Why We Love Zooey Deschanel

You’ve probably seen her dozens of times and can’t enough of the fact that she so looks like Katy Perry but there’s a lot more to Zooey Deschanel than just being the California Girl look-a-like. If you’ve seen the TV series New Girl where Zooey stars in, you’ll see how quirky and hilarious she can be. And we love that she’s not so far from her New Girl character in real life. Zooey is known to be a fun person to be around with. She’s fantastic and she’s really stylish and pretty, too! She’s been on everyone’s woman crush list lately, as the hashtags #zooeydeschanelappreciation, #zooeydeschanenelishot, #zooeydeschanelmarryme and many others on Instagram prove. Here are some more reasons why we love Zooey Deschanel.


  • She’s uber talented – you’ve seen her act on TV and in some movies and you know she can act pretty well but did you know that aside from being an actress, Zooey is also a talented musician? Zooey is part of an indie duo called She & Him together with M. Ward where Zooey plays the piano and the ukulele and sings with her jazzy voice that could keep you entertained for hours on end.  They also have fun music videos that feature the quirky and adorable Deschanel.

retro no makeup

  • She has fabulous taste in fashion – Zooey’s fashion sense isn’t exactly like all the other stars in Hollywood. Hers is different but it’s a good kind of different. It’s the kind of different that’s refreshing to see after being flooded with all the fashion fads other celebrities repeatedly sport. On and off cam, you can see Zooey rocking outfits with a modern retro vibe. Her style is girly and fashionable but not too saccharine. We love how her taste in fashion always looks so good with her signature hair, too!

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  • She’s on Hello Giggles ( – Hello Giggles was co-founded by Zooey Deschanel. It’s a website that’s run by awesome and funny women like Zooey and features articles on lifestyle and DIY among all other things. Most celebs don’t even have the time to reach out to their fans so we just love how Zooey takes the time to post an article or two on Hello Giggles every now and then for her foting fans to read.

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  • She’s super down to earth! – and we put an exclamation at the end of that bullet because we are truly amazed at how grounded this young lady is. Despite coming from a long line of reputable entertainers, Zooey does not live the lavish lifestyle Hollywood celebs are known for. Instead of buying a new car, Zooey decided to take her mom’s Volvo instead. She isn’t also very fond of designer labels unless it’s for the red carpet.

glam shot zooey

  • She’s a dork – in a good way. that is. She’s like the quirky kind of dork that’s fun to hang around with all the time. The kind of dork that would make you snicker and giggle all the time. Zooey’s like the best friend material kind of dork. And that’s just one more reason why we love her!

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