Stylish Celebs to Look Up to for Inspiration

Celebrities are always a good source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. And why not? They’re dolled up by the best stylists in the most fabulous clothes from the best designers all the time. Some celebrities get to look fashionable because of their stylists but there are so many celebs out there too who can pull off a look like it’s nobody’s business, even without a stylist helping them pick out the pieces to put together. These celebs look stylish on screen and off duty as well. Here are some truly stylish celebs to look up to for inspiration.

  • Victoria Beckham – she wasn’t called Posh Spice for nothing back in her Spice Girls days. Even after the group has disbanded, Victoria carried on to be the posh fashionista she has been known to be. If you’re looking for inspiration from the ultimate trendsetter in Hollywood, Mrs. Beckham is definitely your girl. Her signature look consists of figure hugging clothes, oversized sunnies and sky-high heels. Most of the time, she wears skirts and dresses, making her look like a real powerful fashion force to be reckoned with but she sure can rock a pair of pants and a gorgeous top as well, anytime. Of course, she wouldn’t be caught without one of her many to-die-for handbags from popular designers as well as from her own collection.

victoria beckham victoria

  • Kelly Osbourne – some may find her sense of fashion a little too quirky, bold or loud for their taste but if you’re looking for a celebrity who can inspire you to stay true to your self and to your own sense of style, that would be Kelly Osbourne. Kelly’s fashion may not always please everyone but she rocks it like it’s nobody’s business anyway and, sometimes, that’s all you really need: confidence.

kelly osbourne


  • Emma Watson – she may be young but she’s no novice when it comes to fashion and style. Emma Watson’s been on plenty of magazine covers, showcasing her exquisite taste in fashion. She’s one of those young celebs you’d always watch out for at red carpet events, too, just because you know she’s always gonna be wearing something amazing. We love how Emma is always ready to try out new trends and how she’s so fashion-forward compared to other young celebs her age.

emma emma watson

  • Lupita Nyong’o – this 12 Years a Slave star has been making it to the top of the list of best dressed celebrities of every red carpet event she’s been to and we can clearly see why. Lupita is always dressed to perfection everytime we see her. She’s no slave to fashion and can rock anything from figure-hugging dressed to princess-y gowns. She’s mastered the art of using color on her outfits to compliment her skin tone and she just gets more and more stylish with each red carpet appearance and magazine cover shoot.

lupita n lupita

  • Taylor Swift – ah, the epitome of off-duty perfection. We love how Taylor Swift always looks so elegant and classy during red carpet events and we also are amazed at how glamorous she looks when she’s dolled up with a vintage vibe for some of her music videos but what we love even more is how she always looks super cute, cool and hip off duty. You can say her style is more on the prepster side, calm, laidback, relaxed and chill.

taylor taylor swift