Successful Celebrity Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You

Sometimes we wish we could do good at we do and still succeed at another field. Doing two things at the same time and being able to do well in both would give anyone a great feeling of achievement. it’s not that easy to do but with perseverance, determination and a bit of inspiration, it is possible. just take a look at some of your favorite Hollywood celebs. There are so many of them who continue to be on TV and in movies yet they’re also able to do other things like help a charity, start their own organization and even do business. They’re not just dubbed as triple or quadruple threats, they’re superstars on cam and in real life. Check out these successful celebrity entrepreneurs who will inspire you.

  • Jessica Alba – She’s not just another pretty face in Hollywood. Jessica Alba sure can bust a move on the dance floor, as she proved countless times, and she can portray a character on TV quite well too. A lot of the movies she’s been in became blockbuster hits and she sure can hit a note or two real well. it seems like Jess has got it all but she doesn’t stop there. She’s an awesome mom to two kids, Haven Gamer and Honor Marie, and she has started her own successful line of organic, non-toxic and eco friendly baby products. Her company is called Honest and she makes and sells everything your baby needs from diapers to baby food , baby gear and furniture and even cleaning solutions for your little one’s things. The Honest company also has goodies for moms and mom-to-be’s like belly butters and nipple creams.

jessica alba honest jessica alba j alba

  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – the twins may not have had the best rep in Tinsel Town but they sure know how to doll up and they used their exquisite taste in fashion to build their own clothing line. Aside from acting and being producers, the twins also have their own line of both luxury and affordable clothing. Their lines are called The Row, Elizabeth and James, Olsenboye and StyleMint. Before all these, though, they had a clothing and accessories collection in Wal-Mart which catered to the younger market.

olsen twins olsen

  • Jessica Simpson – she’s another amazing celebrity, mom and entrepreneur you could look up to in Hollywood but there’s so much more to Jessica Simpson than being just that. We’ve all seen her struggle to lose all the baby weight after she gave birth to her son and we were so glad she emerged a victor from that. Now, Jessica Simpson is back to modeling for her own fashion line called The Jessica Simpson Collection. Her business started with a shoe collaboration with Nine West co-founder Vince Camuto and from that. it has become the full fashion line for women and juniors that it is today.

jessica simpson line jessica simpson

  • Tyra Banks – you think she’s all about just being H2T and smizing? Well, you’re wrong. Tyra has tried to tap into so many different things aside from modeling. She’s written a book, appeared in music videos, recorded her own single, launched her own fashion and beauty website, hosted her own self-titled talk show and of course, founded the production company Bankable Productions which produces the hit reality TV show America’s Next Top Model which, by the way, is also hosted by Tyra. She’s just super.

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