Top 5 TV and Movie Couples Who Melted Our Hearts

We all love watching TV shows and movies with a good plot or story but what makes them a lot more exciting are the couples that are in them. I think it’s because it’s nice to see how love and romance can fit into a story no matter what the theme is. Some couples are really funny while others have more complex and serious issues they need to deal with just to be with each other. There are couples whose relationships embody the true essence of a fairy tale love story while there are those who portray everyday real life relationships. Here’s a list of our top 10 most adorable TV and movie couples.

  • Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan from A Walk to Remember – when you’re the good girl, people will always tell you you’re better off without a ‘bad boy’ in your life and that’s exactly what Jamie (Mandy Moore) has been told when her parents learned of her relationship with Landon (Shane West). Landon, however, proves everyone wrong by making Jamie the happiest woman on earth before she finally succumbed to leukemia.

landon and jamie awtr landon and jamie

  • Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl – the love-hate relationship between the two is what seems to pull viewers in. Chuck and Blair, also fondly referred to as ‘Chair’, have known each other since they were kids. They’re both from elite families and they’ve always had a thing for each other but, for some reason, they always seem to end up hating each other. The Gossip Girl couple finally got married, though, as a season ender for the TV series’ final season (6).

chuck and blair gg

chuck and blair

  • Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother – a friendship that blossomed into love – that’s what Barney and Robin’s relationship is all about. But, this is not your typical friends to best friends to dating to marriage kind of relationship. Robin, who was initially smitten by Ted (another character from the series), met Barney, witnessed his ‘bachelor lifestyle’ and at some point even became his ‘wingman’ but despite all that, she accepted him and decided to still marry him. Barney, on the other hand, gave up the life of a womanizer (and got rid of the playbook) and decided to stick to Robin and marry her.

barney and robin himym barney and robin

  • Fin and Rachel from Glee – Fin and Rachel’s on and off romantic relationship may be what most viewers looked forward to in each episode (aside from the fantastic musical intermissions, of course) but we believe that what made this love team really special is their real life relationship full of love and romance. There are thousands of romantic scenes involving the two but nothing showed any more truer emotions than when Lea Michele, who played Rachel, sang Make You Feel My Love and lead the cast into an emotional tribute for her onscreen and real life boyfriend’s passing.

fin and rachel glee fin and rachel

  • Noah and Allie from The Notebook – the perfect onscreen couple to show us that love CAN conquer all. Noah and Allie met and fell in love when they were teens but, because Noah had to go into war, they were separated. They did end up growing old together, though, and their rendezvous kiss in the rain was definitely one of the best kissing scenes of all time!

noah and allie noah and ali the notebook