Top 8 Most Memorable America’s Next Top Model Contestants

Reality shows and searches always have a way of gluing us down on the couch and getting us hooked. I guess the reason behind this is that we are refreshed and at the same time thrilled to see regular, everyday people like us on TV and somehow, we would like to share their experience being in it. Many stars in Hollywood today are products of what we call ‘Reality TV’. America’s Next Top Model is a reality show produced by Tyra Banks wherein girls come to live in one house with each other as they journey on to become the next big thing in modeling. Every week, an aspiring model is eliminated and sent home. If you’ve watched ANTM, you probably miss seeing some of the girls. Check out our list for the top 8 most memorable America’s Next Top Model.

  • Dominique Reighard – more than anything else, we remember Dominique from Cycle 10 of ANTM as a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Yes, she’s that gorgeous. We also remember Dom for being really true to herself throughout the season and telling things like they are all the time.

dominique reigharddom

  • Allison Harvard – ah, who could ever forget this unique beauty from Cycle 12? Allison Harvard has made her marks in our minds and hearts because of her peculiarity and her uniqueness that truly made her stand out from the rest of the girls. We were just so glad that she was called back for Cycle 17 where she joined other ladies from all different cycles in what was called an ‘All-Star’ ANTM battle.


  • Lisa D’Amato – another contender for the All-Star ANTM cycle, Lisa D’Amato was originally from Cycle 5. This lady is known for being the bad-ass and the wild child of the group. She’s one tough cookie which is why she had quite a few confrontations and strife with the other ANT M girls from both cycles where she was in.

Lisa D' Amato

  • Natasha Galkina – a reality TV show is never complete without one character providing us a good laugh every now and then and for ANTM, that much needed comedy was delivered by Natasha, the mail order bride from Cycle 8, whose non-sensical statements always provided pure delight to the ANT M viewers.


  • Shandi Sullivan – what really made Shandi memorable as an ANTM contender was the major transformation she went through while she was participating in the contest. From being a dorky Walgreens cashier, Shandi became a force to reckon with in the ANTM Cycle 2 battle arena and she came back even stronger when she was called in the All-Star Cycle 17.


  • Tocarra Jones – up to this day, we are still wondering why Tyra passed up on Tocarra to be the first ever plus-sized ANTM winner. I mean, she’s gorgeous, she’s fierce and she’s definitely got what it takes to be on top.


  • Brittany Kline – Brittany Kline from Cycle 16 went on to show the world that even the most angelic face can be just as fierce as anybody else when hopes and dreams are at stake. She also proved that being young doesn’t always mean being inferior, talent wise. The 19-year-old Brittany then beat all the other ladies, winnig cycle 16 of ANTM.


  • Sophie Sumner – and, of course, who could forget this cutie? Sophie Sumner and her bubblegum pink hair during the cycle 18 transformation was indeed an episode to remember. We just love how Sophie is always cheerful and bubbly in the ANTM mansion and fierce and bold when the challenges call for it.

sophie sumner