Glamorous Versace Sunglasses

Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the first boutique was opened in Milan and proved hugely successful. Unfortunately Gianni Versace was killed in 1997 by serial killer Andrew Cunanan and this resulted in his sister Donatella Versace taking over.

Versace is arguably one of the most flamboyant brands of its era, Versace eyewear mixes feminine elegance, with rich patterns for head turning designs.

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Versace sunglasses is best described as in your face luxury. It is a flamboyant label that is not for the faint hearted. It’s a sumptuous fashion house that is charismatic and ostentatious; its lavishness has become synonymous to the Versace brand.

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Versace Collection displays a consistent style that is vibrant and glamorous; the elegant imagery used on the brand’s products has lead to it becoming one of the hottest contenders in the fashion industry and has gained a massive celebrity following.

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With celebrities such as Megan Fox and Lady Gaga a fan, they are the perfect sunglasses for A-Lister’s or for those who want a premium pair of shades. Versace is favoured by those who prefer an absolutely unconventional luxury product with beautiful shades and cutting edge design.

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Versace eyewear is always on trend and they enjoy soaking up the limelight, these sunglasses are designed to be noticed and turn heads and Versace would consider a piece a failure if it did anything less. Versace provides sensual, dynamic and self assured sunglasses so the fashion conscious.

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The Versace collection is diverse with explosions of diamantes and crystals fused with sleek and innovative design. Donatella Versace expresses her passion for her families brand through the styles and glitzy aesthetics of the labels eyewear.

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The brand has become infamous for their ornate creations that would not look out of place on a Greek Goddess. The Versace range is predominantly occupied by bold visors and iconic over sized sunnies; making Versace an ever popular brand, catering for the needs of every fashionista, whatever trend they’re channelling.

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As the name suggests, Versace sunglasses are the most luxurious sunglasses. They provide you the utmost comfort that no other sunglasses provide. Versace sunglasses are suitable for outdoors especially for going to the market or for a long walk during daytime.

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Fashion experts say that the Versace sunglasses are a rage and phenomena on its own that has crossed boundaries across the world and made their ways into almost every fashion capital of the globe.

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Versace sunglasses denote luxury, glamor, elegant style and sunglasses design. Today, Versace shades are among the world’s leading names in fashion.

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