Victoria Beckham’s Tattoos

Who loves spice girls and their songs? Moi! Yeah, who wouldn’t love them anyway? Although they are not that famous as they were before, some of the girls are just making a career of their own, just like being a simple wife of a superstar athlete.

Yes, I’m talking about Victoria Beckham. I’m not really going to elaborate her life after spice girls, just her tattoos which has caught the attention of many because each of them holds a special story. This article will tell you more on her tattoos and what they represent. 

Victoria Beckham

In her wrist is a David Beckham tattoo. Of course, whose name would it rather be? Victoria Beckham is definitely happy being married to David and her tattoo shows how deep her love is for him.

victoria beckham and david beckham

The initials DB on her wrists. She is obviously madly in love with her football star husband David Beckham.

david beckham tattoo

 On her other wrist is the most important tattoo she ever had, her 6th anniversary of her wedding. Anyone can notice is rib like tattoo which is in Hebrew. It is a Song of Solomon.

victoria beckham back tattoo

The meaning of the song is, I am my love’s, and my love is mine, who browses among the lilies. 

Victoria beckham hebrew tattoo

Aside from the tattoos mentioned above, Victoria also has tattoo imprinted on her right wrists. The roman numerals you can see is the date that they renewed their wedding vows which was on May 08 2006. The other tattoo you can see is the “De Integro” tattoo which also means “Again from the start” in Latin on her right inner wrist. 

victoria beckham wrist tattoo

Another tattoo Victoria Beckham has on her wrist is Hebrew quote that meant “together forever, eternally” marking their 10th wedding anniversary.

victoria beckham wrist tattoo hebrew

Victoria’s five star tattoo represents her family life. The first two stars represent her and her lovable husband David. The other three stars, are for her children, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

victoria beckham back tattoo

Seldom can you find a person who gives a deep meaning to his/her tattoos. There are some who just put it up to look cooler. But for a woman most especially, skin is the most important part of their body. And it is very evident that Victoria is a loving mother to her kids.

victoria beckham's kids

Victoria chose to engrave tattoos on her skin to constantly remind her of what she has. There are more woman celebrities who have great tattoos and what their special meanings.

victoria and david beckham