Where are the Spice Girls Now?

Viva Forever, Two Become One, Who Do You Think you Are, Mama – these are just some of the songs we sang back in the 90s from the all-female band Spice Girls. After they released their last album as a group entitled “Forever” in 2001, the Spice Girls have sadly disbanded. However, they have been together here and there for both personal and business get-togethers. Just last 2012, they were reunited and performed at the Olympic Games closing ceremony (which was the best ever, by the way) and in the same year, they also made a musical called Forever which was based on many of their top hits (though this one didn’t really do well). So, we know what they’ve been doing as a group somehow but have you ever thought of how they are and where they are individually? Where are the Spice Girls now? Read on below and find out.

  • Mel C. – Melanie Chisholm aka Mel C. was also known as Sporty Spice back in their Spice Girls days. Mel C is now 40 years old and has a 5 year old daughter, Scarlet, with long time partner and property developer Thomas Starr. She’s had a huge success in her music career over in the U.K. and in Europe. She’s released six albums after her career as a Spice Girl and these albums sold out quite well. She’s also currently into acting and has had two major roles played recently, one of which was the role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar.

melanie c mel c

  • Mel B. – known to be the fiercest of the five Spice Girls, Mel B. was known as Scary Spice back in the day. Today, she’s back in the music scene and has released two albums: Hot in 2000 and L.A. State of Mind in 2005. She has even entered the world of reality TV as a judge on The X-Factor Australia and The X-Factor UK. She’s also been recently cast as judge for America’s Got Talent.


scary spice

  • Victoria Beckham née Adams – so far, Victoria has lived the most high profile life out of all the Spice Girls. Victoria, also otherwise known as Posh Spice, has married one of the hottest men in the entire world, David Beckham, and is now a mother to four gorgeous kids: Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn and Harper. She has released a self-titled album back in 2001 and has written two books (one an autobiography and the other a style book). Today, Victoria Beckham is known most around the globe for her success in her fashion venture. She has her own line of high-end collections which she has been designing herself since 2008 and has worked with several other labels and designers in the fashion world.

v beckham victoria

  • Gerri Halliwell – just like all the other Spice Girls, Gerri has had her hands on a little bit of just about everything after their Spice Girls days. She’s tapped into solo albums, written some books including a children’s book, did Yoga instructional DVDs and done some TV projects but her more than anything else, she’s been very vocal about her political affiliations. She’s worked with U.N. in the past and filmed a documentary in Zambia.

geri halliwell geri

  • Emma Bunton – Emma, also known as Baby Spice, is now a mother to 2 darling kids with her long time partner since 1997. She’s released three solo albums post-Spice Girls and surprisingly, has also appeared in two Bollywood movies though she only played minor roles in both. Emma has also been featured as a judge on different reality TV shows like American Idol and The X-Factor and has appeared on tons of other British TV series. She’s lived the most private life out of all the five Spice Girls and seems very happy about it.

emma bunton emma