Ballroom dresses – find the perfect one!

How  and where to find  the perfect ballroom dance dress?It can  be quite a task, without  having your own personal designer who will invite you a few times  and  adjust a dress for the perfect look   and fit .

It feels so awful when you have a big disappointment after going through dozens and dozens of ballroom dance dresses in order to find the perfect one. When you make online orders, shopping may bring nasty surprises: the dress does NOT fit, it does NOT look like the one in the picture and the quality is way BELOW what you thought you were paying for. And you start wondering whether you can return it or not! In case you can’t, you’ve just purchased something that you won’t feel comfortable wearing in a ballroom dance class, event or competition.

Women often tend to become emotional when shopping for ballroom dance dresses and they will not check important issues such as:

-the retailer’s reliability and the reputation of the store;
-the return policy;
-the guarantee that the dress will fit, or they’ll change it!


1. Purchase from companies that have been selling ballroom dance dresses for a longer period of time (more than 4 years). If they’ve survived for that much long in the business, it means that you can trust they provide good quality products.

2. When it comes to money, it’s preferable to buy directly from dressmakers. That should help you cut the expenses with up to 30%, which is quite something. Resellers will always have higher prices. Before you pay for an item, ask the seller whether they make the dresses themselves.

3. Are the ballroom dance dresses made for your market? Finding out such details matters greatly because there are differences between ballroom dancers from Asia and the United States. The variations lie in the different expectations, mentality, type of performance and dancers’ physiognomy. In the case of dressmakers that provide ballroom dance dresses for international orders, you need to pay attention to the design variations.

4. Making ballroom dance dresses for online customers is different from making them for local dancers. The latter have the opportunity to go for a fitting, and sometimes it takes between 2 and 3 visits to make the dress fit. When you shop online, the customer needs to get a dress that is properly fitted. You need to buy from dressmakers who have a long experience designing ballroom dresses with size charts and mannequins alone.

You can use the above tips to make a better selection of the products that you come across when shopping online. The Internet gives access to a huge number of resources, and if one provider does not have what you need, you can always find ballroom dance dresses elsewhere.