Beyonce Diet and Workout

beyonce dietHow to lose pregnancy weight  with Beyonce Diet and Workout

Last January, R&B diva Beyoncé Knowles and her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z welcomed a beautiful bundle of joy they named Blue Ivy. After 4 months of devoting her time to her precious one, Beyoncé re-entered the music scene 60 pounds lighter! While she still keeps mum about her present weight, her appearance at a New Jersey concert shows that she looks very fit for a new mommy. So how did Beyoncé won the battle against the baby bulge? Here’s her diet and exercise regimens which can help you attain a healthy, curvy body just like hers.


Power Moves. This exercise regimen, popularized by trainer Marco Borges, has helped Beyoncé cut back on her dress size. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have thousands of dollars for trainer fees, because you can get Beyoncé’s workout by availing of Borge’s book, “Power Moves: the 4 motions to transform your body for life.”

Interval training. This is defined as a workout which involves high-intensity exercised combined with low-intensity workouts. This has helped Beyoncé lose weight fast, as studies have shown that interval training helps a person lose fat more efficiently because of the way it boosts the metabolism of an individual.

Squeeze in some workouts in your daily agenda. Maybe you have spare time in the office when you don’t have something to do. If you want to be sexy just like Beyoncé, then you need to make every moment count. The new mom admits to performing planks, lunges and squats wherever she is- as long as she has extra time.

Eat healthily. Although Beyoncé admitted to participating in the “Master Cleanse” fad diet, she did not do it after she gave birth. Instead, she eats healthy foods and watches what she eats. She admits to having a cheat day, and just like her you can give in to your gastronomic whims once in a while. Beyoncé’s daily meals include cereals for breakfast, salad for lunch, and a light course for dinner. For her post-baby weight loss she munched on lettuce – opt for Romaine as it has 0 calories and fat.

Beyonce lemonade diet or the Master Cleanse!

Beyonce-body- red carpet


This particular diet has become  a well know after Beyonce Knowles has lost almost 10kg in 10 days, by utilizing the Lemonade diet.

The official  guide advice to drink   from 6 to 12 glasses of the lemonade by day  and even if you get hungry then you have to drink one more glass. For overweight people less of the sweet syrup should be used. No other food should be consumed.

Follow Beyonce lemonade diet for 10 days , or more. ( up to 40 days)

Beyonce lemonade diet

While not all of us are blessed with the money, metabolism and opportunity to shed pounds just like Beyoncé, the key to shedding the post-pregnancy bulges is this: motivation. If you want to look like the way you were before you had your baby, then you need to do something! Let Beyoncé’s tale of weight loss triumph inspire you to do the same!