Herb Salt Substitute Recipe

Herb Salt Substitute Recipe
Junk mail.  Hate it.  Until today…I actually got something that was half interesting.  Herb Magazine wanting me to join in on their shindig.  They sent a couple things, one being a salt alternative, which is great especially if you love cooking with spices and herbs and/or need to lower your salt intake.  Sprinkle this mixture anywhere you would normally sprinkle salt.  On meats, salads, vegetables, eggs, ect.  Spices and herbs have many great benefits!  I’m definitely giving this a try!
1 Tbsp dry mustard (helps prevent migraines and arthritis)
1 Tbsp garlic powder (destroys cancer and tumor cells)
2 tsp dry parsley (prevents gas and bloating)
2 tsp dried dill weed (edible garden foliage and mosquito repellent)
2 tsp onion powder (reduces risk of head and neck cancers)
2 tsp dried savory (anti-fungal characteristics and anti-bacterial properties)
2 tsp dried thyme (one of the richest sources of potassium)
2 tsp paprika  (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant)
2 tsp ground white pepper (milder than black pepper and aids in digestion)
1 tsp dried lemon peel, chopped (helps tonify the liver and strengthen blood vessels)
Herb Salt Substitute

Enjoy some tasty health!  😉