How to lose weight in a month

how to lose weight in a monthHow to lose weight in a month -healthy tips

Losing weight can be quite a struggle, but you can cut down the pounds by following a strict 30-day regimen. If you’re planning on trimming your weight in under a month, here are tips which can help you reduce your body size right away.

Jumpstart your metabolism by eating right. The key to increasing your metabolic rate is to eat at earlier times of the day. Don’t forget to eat breakfast, because it can increase your metabolism by as much as 25 percent. The food you eat in the morning tells your body to get ready for its everyday activities. Eating small portions frequently will also improve your metabolism. Three snacks and three meals (in small servings) will keep your metabolism rate throughout the day.

Move move move! If you don’t have enough time to hit the gym daily, you can still burn calories by participating in activities, such as walking to your office, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. A leisurely walk in the mall or in the park can also help you lose weight in under a month. Of course, for best effects, couple these movements with a healthy diet.

Stay away from preserved and treated foods. Canned and cured foods contain a lot of salt which leads to water retention. It also prods you to munch on more foods. Canned juices, on the other hand, are filled with sugar which can make you gain weight. Should you want to drink juices, bring out your juicer to enjoy a natural extract filled with vitamins and minerals.

Eat healthy delicacies. If you want to trim your weight right away, then eating healthy, natural foods will help you out. Nuts, seeds and fish are rich with nutrients that can lower your blood cholesterol and relieve the pain caused by arthritis. For carbohydrates, opt for organic and whole-grain foods which are rich in fiber.

Add ‘spice’ to your favorite fare. People who eat spicy foods lose weight a lot faster because spices increase your metabolic rate, which in turn speeds up the weight loss process. Add chilies or curry powder to your daily fare and you’re sure to trim the excess pounds in a few weeks’ time.

Enjoy green tea. Not only is it green tea ridden with antioxidants that regenerate your cells, it can also help you lose weight fast. It sets your metabolic rate to overdrive, so you can have a sexier body in a month.

It is absolutely possible to lose weight in a month, just will follow this guide !