How to lose weight without exercise

how to lose weight without exerciseHow to lose weight without exercise  fast and easy 

Every woman dreams of having the statistics similar to that of Ms. Universe or the hottest Victoria’s Secret Model. Although regular exercise is said to be the best weapon against weight gain, you can simply lose the excess pounds without suffering from tiring workouts. Many people asking , can you lose weight without exercise ? Here are tips on how you can gain a drool-worthy body without exercise.

Small is good. If you’re used to eating big servings, you can taper it down so you can learn how to eat smaller and smaller portions as time progresses. Once your stomach is used to receiving small servings, you will lessen the tendency to eat generous servings of fatty food.

Go for sliced or diced fish and lean meats. You can’t eliminate meat from your diet entirely as it is a good source of protein. You can, however, decrease your caloric intake by eating such meats that are not prepared with oil. Unbeknownst to many, the flavorings and seasonings we put to uncooked food can harbor a lot of fats which can widen your girth in the long run.

Drink water, specifically cold water. Drinking water prior to a large meal will make you feel full so you won’t tend to overeat. Stocking up on water will also lessen your tendency to snack up on unhealthy fares. It’s a plus to drink cold water because the body needs to expend additional calories to metabolize its particles.

Fight your urge for Fast Food. It’s common knowledge that your favorite fast food treats such as burgers, fries, shakes, and ice creams have the added fat and calories that can make you fat – fast. They’re also ridden with salt that results in water retention, and consequently, heavier weight. Stick with healthier alternatives. They might not be that delicious, but they won’t add inches to your burgeoning belly.

Munch on healthy snack alternatives. While it’s best if you avoid snacking entirely, you can still enjoy daily snacks as long as you pick the healthier alternatives. Nuts and rice cakes are delicious alternatives to junk food and what not.

Sleep well. Sleeping 8 hours nightly will not only give you the energy to last through the day, it will also help you eat healthily. Studies have shown that people who lack sleep tend to overeat by as much as 300 calories. If you want to look good and refreshed, and eat healthily throughout the day, then you need to get an adequate amount of shut-eye in the evening.