How to tone your stomach and thighs

toned stomach and thighsHow to tone your stomach and thighs-3 essential tips

Your flabby stomach and thighs can make you look dowdy in most outfits. If you want to tone these areas all at the same time – just in time for next summer – then these are effective tips on how to tone your stomach and thighs.

Side Lunge

This workout keeps your inner and outer thighs strong. It targets your quadriceps as well. The transverse abdominal muscle is used in this exercise, and by doing the side lunge frequently you can tone your tummy and thighs, and improve your spine as well. Start with the side lunge by standing straight, your feet a hip apart. Place your hands on your chest and keep the elbows bent. Assume a position as if you’re holding a medicine ball. Move your right foot to the right and land it on the floor pointed forward. Bend your right knee and move your hips to the same direction, maintaining your back perfectly straight. You will notice that your left leg will straighten as you do so. Once you have performed the correct position of the lunge, your right knee should be placed above the right angle. Finish the side lunge by assuming your starting position. Perform the workout with the left leg.

Single Leg Squat

This phenomenal exercise has been touted as the National Academy of Sports Medicine as the best workout that can help improve your abdominal and thigh muscles. To perform the single leg squat, you need to keep your hands on your hips so you won’t be tempted to use them to balance yourself. Stand on your right leg alone and bring your left knee towards stomach.  Keep your abdominal muscles contracted and tight. Bend your right leg and bring your torso forward. Keep your hips behind you as you lean your torso forward, and assume a position like you’re going to sit down. Perform the squat for as low as you can, or until your right quadriceps are placed parallel to the floor. Stand up slowly to finish the workout on one side of your body. Balance the toning by performing the single leg squat on the opposite side of your body.

Single Leg Opposite Arm Reach

Apart from toning your tummy, this exercise also burns the fat away from your hamstrings, gluteal muscles, and quadriceps. Do this work out on both legs. Perform this exercise with your right leg first. Place your arm forward, keeping it aligned with your shoulders. Extend your left leg behind you and lean your torso forward at the waist area. Remember to maintain your spine in a straight position. Keep your shoulders and hips leaned forward without changing your torso’s station. Keep the posture for a second, and perform the same workout for your opposite side.