What Body Type Am I?

A lot of women would ask: “What body type am I?”. Knowing what is your body type is very important. This is one of your bases on what kind of clothes to wear such as dresses and bathing suits. No matter what body type you have, there are specific styles of clothing that would suit you best. For instance, you have a chubby body, that doesn’t mean that there is no dress that will make you look good. The clothes made for that body type will not make you slimmer, but rather, it will make the wearer look good by either accentuating or hiding the curves in the body. To find your body type, here are the images you can compare your body shape with.

Skinny Body Type

When it comes to women with skinny body type, the assets are less visible. There is almost an unhealthy look for women who are skinny.

Skinny Body Type Women


Thin Body Type

Olivia Wilde has a thin body shape. The body is fuller compared to the skinny body type.

Olivia Wilde Thin Body


Hourglass Body Type

Scarlett Johansson has an hourglass body shape, the most desirable body shape for women.

Scarlett Johannson Hourglass Shape


Athletic Body Type

The athletic body type results from being involved in sports or being in the gym as a habit.

Woman Athletic Body Type


Muscular Body Type

Women with muscular types of bodies are for those who have been in the gym for some time, and there are also women who join body building contests. Most of them have a more muscular body than the woman on the picture.

Muscular Body Type Woman


Average Body Type

A woman with an average body type almost has no curves on the body, it looks somewhat rectangular.

Average Body Type Woman


Thick Body Type

The thick body type is cannot necessarily be called pudgy, this is because there are more noticeable curves and the middle part is not that rotund.

Thick Body Type Woman


Pear Shape Body Type

The pear shape body type has a wider pelvis area compared to the upper body part.

Pear Shape Body Woman


Chubby Body Type

One of the most common type of body shapes is the chubby body type.

Chubby Body Type Woman


Big Bodied Women

Big bodied women have fuller bodies compared to the chubby body type. The belly area is more rotund, and the assets are more noticeable in particular.

Big Bodied Women Shape


If you still cannot determine your body type, there is a body type quiz that you can take which can be found online. There are more types of body shapes, and it can also be determined by a health professional if you prefer to do so. There is no perfect body shape, if you believe that. The body that you have should be cherished, and wearing the right clothes for your body type will increase your confidence and your being comfortable with your own body. Women may still ask “What body type am I?”, here are the answers to your question.