4 Chic Ideas for DIY Necklace

For people who love accessorizing, one necklace is never enough. Actually, it’s more like ‘one can never have too many necklaces’. Different styles of clothes call for different necklace styles and designs and if you’re someone who loves dressing up, buying a different necklace for each outfit might just make you go bust.

But don’t let that stop you from looking completely chic and fabulous in any outfit, you can always make your own DIY necklace. Doing so will not only save you lots of bucks, you also get to personalize and customize every single bit of your necklace. So say goodbye to spending tons and say goodbye to the frustration of not being able to find a necklace for a particular look.

  • Bib necklace – bib necklaces are so trendy and chic, everyone wants one for themselves. To make this, you’ll need hot glue, felt paper, a marker, ribbons, and the embellishments of your choice. Make out a design / pattern with your embellishment and trace the border with your marker. Start hot-gluing your embellishments on to felt paper and when it’s done cut out the pattern’s marked border. Attach the ribbons that will serve as the necklace chain either by hot-gluing it or sewing it on.

diy necklace bib style

bib diy


  • Braided beads necklace – string beads on to a string of cotton cord or nylon and make about 6 of this. Braid all beaded strings together in a three strand braid, tie to secure but don’t cut of excess yet. Use closure or clasp of choice and cut excess string once done. this looks really classy when paired with a simple white top.

braided beads necklace

beads necklace

  • Cardboard template necklace – It’s weird but it seems that the mustache icon is becoming a  hit. You’ll find this on earrings, on rings, as bracelet charms and even as necklace pendants. If you, too, want to join the mustache bandwagon, here’s what you’ll need: mustache paper template, cardboard, glue, puncher, chain, scissors / cutter. Glue the printed mustache on to the cardboard, cut out, punch 1 hole on each side equally, attach to chain and wear. You can also use other templates like stars, hearts or whatever you fancy.

musache necklace diy

mustache diy

  • Trinket necklace – have you ever had a little trinket that you’ve always taken care of since the very day you got it? Something that, perhaps, has sentimental value to you and something you’d always want to keep close? Well, all you really need to do is attach that onto a chain and wear it as a necklace and you’ll never have to let go of your little trinket treasure again.

trinket necklace


key trinket