4 DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

In just a few more days, we’ll finally be able to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Are you excited yet? Well, we sure are! Spring is the perfect time to start over again fresh. It’s also a great time to start doing new stuff, whether it’s about your looks, your lifestyle or whatnot. If you’re getting ready to make your home feeling and looking ready for spring, why not add a cute little wreath on your front door to welcome the season (and maybe some guests)? Spring inspired wreaths are super easy to do. Check out these cool DIY spring wreath ideas that you can make and hang on your front doors.

  • Tulip wreath – tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers. They’re not too frilly but they’re really lovely and dazzling. What’s great about a tulip’s simple appearance is that it’s so easy to copy and make a replica of using plastic. And, if you’re planning on creating a tulip wreath to last you all spring time long, plastic tulips will definitely come in handy. Take a look at these gorgeous pictures of tulip spring wreaths below and be inspired.

tulip wreath DIY tulip wreath tulips

  • Easter egg wreath – if you and your family celebrate Easter, making an Easter egg wreath is definitely going to be a great idea this spring. Make a wreath base from hay and hot glue eggs on it. Don’t be afraid of creating a mess, you don’t have to use real eggs. You can use those colorful plastic toy eggs to make an Easter egg wreath so that there won’t be any mess even when it falls. Paint them in pretty pastel colors to really give it that spring time feel. You can also make your own eggs from yarn or make fabric stuffed eggs.

easter egg wreath easter egg

  • Fabric rosette wreaths – if you want to hang up a floral wreath on your front door but don’t like the look of plastic ones and you don’t want the hassle of dealing with fresh flowers that will dry up before spring ends, you can make a wreath with fabric rosettes instead. They’ll give your home the same spring time feel without having to worry about your flowers looking fake or drying up and falling out. Another great thing about making fabric rosette wreaths is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create one. All you need are the wreath base, fabric scraps and some basic sewing tools and skills and you’re all set.

rosette wreath rosette

  • Crocheted floral wreath – know how to crochet? Why not use that skill and make a cute alternative to a fresh floral wreath? Crocheted floral wreaths not only give spring wreaths a fresh new twist, it’s also very practical, too, since you will be able to use every year. If you plan on making one, I suggest you start now since it may take a while before you finish the whole wreath and all the designs and details. You can also add other trinkets to your crocheted wreath to make it more ornate.

crocheted crocheted wreath crocheted wreath diy