4 Very Practical DIY Fashion Ideas

Shopping is something women find difficult to limit and control. Sometimes, because shopping is so tempting and addictive, you tend to buy something that you actually already have. There are two solutions to this dilemma: one would be to do a return (best option if they give credits back) and the other one would be to turn it into a fashion DIY. You can do fashion DIYs with old clothes and accessories, too. Here are some of the most practical DIY fashion ideas we’ve come up with:

  • Embellished t-shirts – not sure what to do with those plain old t-shirts sitting idly in your closet? Why not embellish them with cute little things to give them a fresh new look. Buttons are always a great embellishment to any plain shirt but there are also other pretty choices like fabric bows, fabric roses or flowers, chains, sequins or a combination of whatever you can find. Sewing skills are not required as you can simply use fabric glue to attach your embellishments but if you do know how to sew, you can sew them on for extra security.

floral embellishmentpearls and sequins shirt

skull embelblished shirt

  • Lace scarf – there’s always that one scarf that you feel like needs a little tweaking and modification before it’s wearable. If you don’t have plans for that scarf yet, why not add lace to it? adding lace to both ends of the scarf gives a cute and dainty detail that’s very eye-catching.lace trim scarflace scaarf
  • Ripped jeans – they’re all the rage right now but why buy a new pair of ripped jeans when you can make one yourself without paying for anything? Ripped jeans are a great excuse to distorting old pairs of jeans that have naturally ripped and frayed. All you need to  do is strategically simulate and place more rips and frays to achieve a rugged but sexy look.ripped jeans street styleripped jean shortsripped jeans
  • Glitter flats – we’ve all got a pair of ballerina flats that are still in good shape but refuse to be worn because of detail like a major chip, discoloration or simply because it looks too boring and plain. Glam up your flats by covering them in glitter; a jar of Modge Podge and lots of glitters are all you need. If you don’t like those glittery flats that get glitters all over you when you touch them, get something to act as a top coat like with nails.glitter flatsglittery flats

So you see, you don’t always have to spend big to be stylish and fashionable. All you need is to get creative.