5 Easy Ways to Embellish Your Tops

Choosing simple pieces is always the best way to go if you’re on a tight budget. This is because simpler pieces are: 1) cheaper than those with decorations and adornments and 2) more versatile and flexible when it comes to styling and wearing with other pieces. Another great thing about getting simple pieces is that you can easily start your own DIY project using them to create a more glamorous piece. This is especially true for tops. Plain and simple tops have always been closet staples for us. If you’re at a point where you’re accumulating too much basic tops and want to glam them up or if you’re simply bored of the same old plain top that you’ve always worn, why not embellish them with something to make them cuter and have them looking refreshed? Here are 5 easy ways to embellish your tops:

  • Add lace for a girly feel – lace is such a beautiful material that you can use anytime and anywhere you need to add a feminine touch to. If you’re no good at sewing, you can use fabric adhesive to have the lace stick on to your top. The fabric adhesive sticks best when you run it over with a hot stream iron. On the other hand, if you do possess sewing skills, you can sew the lace on to your shirt instead.

lace top diy lace top

  • Stick studs and spikes – adding texture to your top makes a huge difference on the overall look of your outfit. one way for you to change up the texture of your top is to simply add studs and spikes on to it. Doing this will also give your top an edgier vibe that’s perfect if you’re going for a rock and roll chick kind of look. Adding studs and spikes to your top is very easy. All you do is press the studs or spikes on to the areas where you want them to be and you’re all set. You can scatter studs and spikes randomly all over your top or you can also create patterns and designs with them.

studded top


  • Luxurious little things – if you’re looking for a way to glam up a simple top, adding bits and pieces of all things luxurious is one of the best yet simplest things you can do. Choose embellishments that look lush and luxurious to get that elegant and sophisticated vibe. An assortment of gems, pearls and stones is always a great choice for pulling off such a look.

rhinestones and gems rhinestones

  • Sparkly sequins – sequins are a great alternative to glitters if you’re not a fan of how the latter sticks on to everything it comes in contact with, including your hands and your hair, for days. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit, sewing on sequins to your top is definitely a great thing to do.

sequined top sequin

  • Beads – one of the cheapest embellishments you can get for embellishing your tops are beads. Beads come in many different shapes, sizes and designs which make them an ideal choice if you want to get craft and creative with embellishing your top. You can use plastic beads if you’re aiming for an everyday ordinary look or glass beads if you want your top to look more polished and refined with its embellishments.

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