5 Fun and Easy DIY Winter Fashion Crafts

To anyone who’s on a budget, starting your own DIY project to breathe new life to old pieces and make them much more stylish and wearable again is always a good idea. With DIY projects, you do not only get the advantage of saving up loads of bucks from creating your own pieces instead of buying them but you also have the privilege of designing your piece exactly the way you like, down to the very last detail. Winter fashion has not changed much over the years except for the introduction of new color trends as well as fads when it comes to prints and patterns. Item-wise, however, the staples are still the same: jackets, scarves, boots, gloves and other accessories that are both stylish and functional. If you’ve accumulated quite a number of these winter staples throughout the year and would like to give old ones a new look, read on and take inspiration from our compilation of DIY winter fashion crafts:

  • Flirty frilly gloves – gloves are such nice accessories to use if you’re heading out on a really cold winter’s day. They keep your hands warm and toasty and they protect them from the cold. Plain old gloves are pretty much acceptable but they can be boring to look at sometimes. Make your gloves look more exciting and interesting by making them frilly and flirty. Simply add on embellishments to your gloves like lace and rhinestones to give them a more girly feel.

frilly gloves frilly flirty gloves

  • Faux fur earmuffs – your ears are one of the things you can cover to help you keep warm while you’re out in the cold and faux fur earmuffs can help you do just that. With simple materials like an old plastic headband, felt paper, some faux fur trimmed off of an old fur vest / jacket and hot glue, you can make your very own faux fur earmuffs. And, because your earmuffs will be made from a headband, you can also use it to keep hair off of your face. Talk about shooting two birds with one stone!

fur ear muff

fur ear muff diy

  • Scarf with a pocket – the scarf is considered essential to any winter wardrobe. Make your scarf even more functional by adding pockets on both ends. Now, you can use your scarf not only to keep your neck warm but also to hold small stuff like keys and loose change.

scarf pocket scarf

  • Pompom beanie hat – another way to cover your ears and keep them toasty is to wear a beanie hat. Another thing that beanie hats are great at is keeping your hair in when you’re having a bad hair day. Make your beanie hats look more fun and quirky by adding pompoms on top. You can make pompoms out of yarn and they’re fairly easy to do. You can put one each at both sides to make them look like ears on your beanie hat or you can also make one big pompom yarn and put it on the center top of your beanie to give it a new look.

pompom beanie diy pompom beanie

  • Printed leggings – leggings can be worn all throughout the year but they’re very useful during winter, especially if you want to wear a dress. wearing leggings underneath can help keep your legs warm. Hand paint your leggings to create the effect of artisan printed leggings. You can paint anything you want on your leggings to suit your style.

printed tights printed leggings