6 Cute Things to Do With Seashells

Seashells are pretty and they make a great material for DIY projects because of the beauty they behold. Though they’re originally from the ocean, you can get a hold of them easily and conveniently from your local craft stores. There are also many shell-like decors and appliqués being sold today that you can use in your DIY projects but the real thing is always prettier beyond compare. If you’ve got a bunch of seashells and you’re wondering what you can do with them, check out these out these 10 cute things to do with seashells.

  • Frame it as seashell art– got a handful of exquisite seashells that you want to turn into something decorative for the house? Why not arrange them, paint some accent colors on or add glitter to them and then put them in a frame? They’d make a great decoration for your bathroom, guestroom or your living room, depending on where you want to put a beachy vibe in around your home.

framed framed art

  • Make a frame with it – if the shells you have are rather small and you don’t think they’d look that good when framed, why not use them to make a frame instead? It’s a really easy craft and it’s super inexpensive too. Just take an old picture frame or buy one from the dollar store then start hot gluing the shells on to the border of the frame. Of course, you can also add in other trinkets to decorate the border with. This DIY project is perfect if you’ve got a good picture at the beach to frame.

photo frame


  • Create your own unique pair of earrings – got a knack for designing your own personalized jewelry? Why not make a cute pair of earrings to wear to the beach using some seashells? It’s up to your whether you want to make stud-type earrings or dangling ones. This is also a great DIY craft to make if you want something unique to give entourage girls in a beach wedding.

earrings shells earrings

  • Make wind chimes – the sound of wind chimes when the cool breeze blows is always relaxing. Make a wind chime from seashells to give your own urban home a beach house vibe. Seashell wind chimes are very reminiscent of refreshing times at the beach. Just hang them by the window and wait for the wind to blow to hear that relaxing sound that will take you back to the sea.

chimes seashells chimes

  • Create a necklace with them – seashells are indeed great accessories to wear to the beach. Make your own seashell necklace to go with your swimsuits and sport them at the beach for a chic, mermaid-y look. you can choose to use a single shell as your charm or pendant or you can also string together smaller shells and make a Sorrelli-inspired necklace. Of course, if you’ve got more shells, you can also make a bib necklace using those.

necklace necklace seashell

  • Make decorative candle holders with them – candles and seashells are very romantic when combined which is why they make a great centerpiece combo for beach weddings. Make your very own decorative candle holders if you want some DIY touches to your own beach wedding. You can also make these and use them as decoration for your home to give it a cozy and romantic feel.

candle candle holder