Cool Shoe Makeover Ideas

Women love shoes. That’s just the way it is. Shoes are one of the biggest obsessions of women. Admit it, you have one pair too many shoes lying around and every morning you go through a rough time trying to decide which pair of shoes to wear because either 1) a lot of them look alike but you all like them anyway or 2) Despite the massive array of choices in front of you, you find nothing that you think would match your outfit. Well, either way, there’s only one solution to your shoe obsession problem: get yourself a new pair of shoes! But with all the ones that you already have, that just wouldn’t be practical anymore. So, why not give some old pairs of shoes cool makeovers? It’s like having a new pair of shoes without breaking the bank. Here are some really cool shoe makeover ideas that you can try to make.

  • Add shoe clips – shoe clips are very cheap and easy to make. They’re not only a great way to upcycle your shoes, you also get to upcycle other materials like an old pair of earrings or brooches. Basically, what it is is an ornament that you clip on to your shoes to add a beautiful accent. You can place it in front, on the sides of at the back of your shoes. It’s amazing to see how a little detail such as a shoes clip can make an old pair of shoes look totally different and new.

shoe clip outfit shoe clips

  • Make glitter shoes – if you’ve got lots of shoes in the same color (black, white and nude shoes tend to accumulate the most) and you’re wondering how you can give each of them their own personality, why not turn a pair of two into glitter shoes? Glitter shoes are super cute and they’re a wonderful way to brighten up and add an interesting twist to a plain and simple outfit and dress it up a little to make it more girly and flirty.

glitter shoes diy

glitter shoes outfit

  • Personalize canvass shoes – some women are not just obsessed with flats and heels, some have a very deep liking for sneakers, too! If you have any of those sneakers made with canvass fabric and it has stains that you are no longer able to remove, personalizing it is one way to save a pair. By personalizing, you can color your shoes into your favorite hue, create, paint or draw designs on it, add embellishments to it like studs and spikes and many more.

personalized sneakers

  • Paint in another color – one of the easiest ways to give old pairs of shoes a new look is to simply paint them in another color. A white shoe, for example, is sure to look different if you painted it pink or yellow. Spray paint is by far the easiest way to get the job done. You can do this with most shoes as long as paint will cling on to the material that the shoe is made out of.

color paint color

  • Add on a lace overlay – want to give a casual-looking pair of shoes a bit more of a girly feel? That’s easy, just add lace! Lace is a very dainty and delicate fabric that makes anything look more flirty, feminine and fun. You can sew the lace on to your shoes or you can glue it on as well.

lace shoe lace shoes