Cute and Dainty DIY Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are essential for styling your hair and adding a little bit of a fun detail on them to make it look better. Though hair accessories help make your hair and even your whole outfit look stylish, sometimes buying the really pretty and trendy ones can cost you lots of money. To save on money and have the privilege of designing and customizing your hair accessories to the tee, why not try making DIY hair accessories? We’ve got some easy, cute and dainty ideas for you to try.

  • DIY Embellished Bobby Pins – bobby pins always come in handy when you want to tuck away stray hair while your hair is in an elegant ‘do because they’re small and easily concealed in the hair, especially if you use a color that’s closest to your hair color. However, you don’t have to limit the use of bobby pins to that. Embellish your bobby pins with cute little trinkets like buttons or faux gems and jewels to use them as a functional and stylish hair dé embellished bobby pinvembellished bobby pin diydiy bobby pin
  • Dainty DIY Hair Clips – hair clips usually come sold in packs and most of the time,  they’re either plain  or they have these cute little designs that make you want to just put them on right then and there. Sometimes though, when an outfit needs a hair clip in a specific design, it’s just too tiring to look around. Save yourself the hassle and make your own DIY hair clips instead.cute heart clipstuds hair clip
  • Fabulous DIY Fascinator – fascinators are a great way to dress and accessorize short hair. The best thing about making your own fascinator is that you can make it’s design patterned after your dress so that you can achieve a cohesive look, something that’s difficult to achieve if you just settle for what fascinator design you can find out in stores.bnw fascinatorfascinatorwhite fascinator
  • Bejeweled DIY Hair Comb – Hair combs are perfect if you have hair that has lots of volume and texture because it easily sticks on to it easily. They also make great accents to simple hairstyles like buns and braids. Most hair combs are made out of either plastic or metal and the come in different colors. The more ornate hair combs are, of course, more expensive. DIYing you own bejeweled hair comb is fairly easy and cheap so if you want to glam up without going broke, this should be your best bet.bejeweled hair combhair comb jewelscool diy hair comb

Having gorgeous hair accessories does not always need to be so expensive. Sometimes, we just have to let out minds do the planning and our hands do the crafting to come up with really cute DIY hair accessories.