Cute DIY Bracelets to Make and Add to Your Arm Party

From the looks of it, it seems to me like arm parties are far from being out of style. And why would it be? The arm party is a fun, unique and cute trend that lets you really get creative with your accessories. It’s also a great excuse to put all those bracelets you’ve accumulated over the years into good use. Stacking bracelets, bangles, cuffs and watches on your arm is a wonderful way to cheer up even the plainest of the plain outfit. Though buying an arm party in sets that are ready to wear is a convenient option, doesn’t making your own bracelet to add to your arm party just sound so much better? Here are some ideas that you can use as inspiration for cute DIY bracelets to make and add to your arm party.

  • Lego bracelet – if you’re looking for a bracelet that’s sure to add a splash of color to your arm party, making a Lego bracelet is one of your best bets. Lego piecess come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Combine, mix and match them any way you want to come up with a piece that’s truly unique. This is a great bracelet to make if you’ve got Lego pieces lying around the house from the little ones’ toy collection. You can also make this and give it as a gift to your favorite cousin, niece or sister.

lego bracelet

  • Washified bracelet bangle – washi tapes are selling like hotcakes today. You can get them from online stores on Instagram, Etsy and Ebay and, if you’re lucky, your local crafts supply shop may even have some in stock for you. Washi tapes are a product of Japan and basically, they’re like Scotch tape that feature really cute printed designs. You can use these tapes to cover old bangles that have paint chippings, color fading or even scratches and you’ll instantly bring them back to life.

washi tape washi tape bracelet

  • Hexnut bracelet – who would have thought that something used in the garage would actually make such a gorgeous bracelet? Look around your garage or in your hubby / dad’s toolbox and you’ll surely find a few couple of hexnuts lying around. Take some, string them on to a cord and make yourself a pretty hexnut bracelet. This DIY bracelet really blends in well if you’re creating an all metal arm party.

hexnut bracelet hex nut

  • Leather bow cuff – want something that’s cute and edgy at the same time that you can use on its own and also add on to an arm party? Then you should totally make a leather bow cuff. Leather gives this DIY bracelet that cool edge while the bow design lends it a sweet vibe. You can make this from just a small oval piece of leather and it’s really easy, too!

leather bow leather bow cuff

  • Wire word bracelet – looking for something really crafty and unique? If you’re into quirky arm candies for your arm party, why not try making a wire word bracelet? It may be difficult at first but with practice and persistence, you’ll be able to do it. Check out the tutorial below to see how you can make this DIY bracelet easily.

wire word bracelet wire word