DIY Accessories to Make with Friends

Accessorizing is considered as the finishing touch to creating a fabulous outfit. There are a lot of cool and cute accessories out there that you can buy from malls and other fashion outlets but they can be a bit pricey at times for something that just sits on your wrist, your ears or your neck without really doing anything other than make your outfit look more stylish. But don’t let that stop you from wearing accessories. You can have cute and cool accessories to complete your outfit without breaking the bank. You just have to make them yourself. DIYing accessories is a cool and creative way to get access to more personalized items while upcycling some materials and saving some cash. Here are some ideas for DIY accessories to make with friends to make your bonding moments more creative and productive.

  • Studded leather cuffs – an old belt with a broken buckles is just about as useless as a high heeled shoe without the heels. Refashion an old belt that’s no longer in use by cutting It up and making leather cuffs. With one belt, you’d probably be able to make about 2 to 3 cuffs that you can share with your friends and personalize. And, speaking of personalizing, why not add some studs (or spikes) to your leather cuffs to make them look super edgy? They take no time to make at all.

studded leather cuffs diy studded leather cuffs

  • Beaded earrings – beads are always a great way to channel your creativity. With beads, there are just so  many things that you can do and one of those things are beaded earrings. Beads are very ideal for making earrings because they’re lightweight so you can make your earrings as big and as long as you want and you ears won’t get pulled down as much. Also, beads come in so many forms, colors and shapes which makes the possible combinations for designs virtually endless! Not to mention, they’re quite cheap too.

beaded earrings look

beaded earrings beaded

  • Felt bib necklace – bib necklaces are right on trend today and you can get them from most fashion stores but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative or if you simply want one that’s personalized and customized to your exact liking, from the colors to the length of the necklace, you can always do it yourself. Felt fabric is an inexpensive material that you can use to create a bib necklace. You can bend it, cut it and form it into any shape that you want and there are so many colors to choose from.

felt necklace chevron felt rosette necklace

  • Feather hair clip ons – give your hair a fun and quirky twist by adding on feather hair clips. They’re so cool and they’re perfect if you’re going for a boho chic kind of look. just curl your hair or make it wavy then add these feather clips on to add a whimsical texture to your locks. What’s great about making feather hair clip ons is that most of the materials you’ll need are either already in your home or easily available from your local crafts supply store and they’re pretty inexpensive as well. This DIY accessory is perfect for the coming summer!

feather hair clip ons feather hair clips feather hair