DIY Crafts to Make with Old Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are something that almost every one reads and because they’re released on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, they tend to just accumulate and pile up. Though sending your newspapers and magazines to recycling centers is a great idea, why not make the most out of them and do crafts? It’s a nice way to get your creative juices flowing and perhaps even turn it into a hobby and make some money out of it. Check out our list of ideas for DIY crafts you can make with old newspapers and magazines.

  • Sunburst magazine décor – sunburst décor can liven up any blank area around the house. Most sunburst decors you’ll see being sold commercially are either made of glass, wood or plastic but if you’ve got endless piles of magazines, you’ve got enough to make your own sunburst magazine décor that you can hang up any wall that needs a little excitement. You can make this just by rolling up newspaper pages into small tubes and forming them into a sunburst. You may have to connect several tubes together to get some pieces longer than others and it may take you a while to complete the whole project but it sure is an artistic piece that you can be proud of.

sunburst decor sunburst

  • Nail art – of course, because newspaper can be used almost anywhere and anyhow, why not use them for nail art as well? It makes an awesome intricate design that looks like the words were printed directly on to your nails! Your friends are sure to be intrigued by your nail art design.


nails diy

  • Newspaper wallpaper – planning on adding an accent wall to a room to make it more interesting? Well, instead of going for regular wallpaper that you can buy from home décor stores, why not use old newspaper to cover your walls? It’s very uncommon and your friends are sure to be impressed when they come over and see it. It also lends your room a very artistic vibe plus, it makes a great backdrop for pictures, too! This is definitely an idea that no photography enthusiast should pass up. After all, it’s very inexpensive to make, so why not?

wallpaper accent wall wallpaper

  • Furniture decoupage – to do a decoupage on furniture simply means to wrap it in sheets or pieces of paper to give it a new look and newspapers and magazines are the perfect things to do a decoupage on your furniture with. Take an old piece of furniture and cover it in magazines to give it a colorful new look or use newspaper instead if you want your furniture to achieve a simpler, more contemporary look. All you need to get this project done are some newspapers and magazines, an old furniture, glue, and a solution to act as a top coat.

decoupage stool decoupage

  • Bunting – got a party coming up? Make it more festive with buntings hanging all over the room! You don’t have to spend much just for party decorations. And why would you when you can make them yourself? Just cut out colorful pages of magazines and newspapers into little triangles (try to make them in similar sizes, as much as possible) and attach them on to a string and they’re ready for hanging!

bunting newspaper bunting