DIY Denim Ideas

You can never go wrong with denim, we all know that. Because of that, though, we tend to stack up on them only to find out later that some of the denims we have aren’t even being used anymore. Whether it’s because they’re faded, washed out, don’t fit anymore, no longer in style or simply because you just have too much denim, throwing them away is definitely a waste. Get the most out of your denims and recycle or upcycle them. Here are some great DIY denim ideas that will get your creative juices really flowing:

  • DIY embellished denim pockets – we all got that one pair of denim that we couldn’t let go of, no matter how faded and dated it looks, because of the way it hugs and flatters our booties. If you’re looking for a way to spice up a pair of old denims, why not try embellishing the pockets? It’s a nice, refreshing surprise that adds instant glam to your pants. You can embellish your denim pockets with whatever you like: lace, sequins, studs, spikes, ribbons. As long as you can find a way to attach them, you can use them as embellishments.

embellished denim pockets embellished denim pockets how to

  • DIY denim bow – so you got a pair that’s got a hole or some sort of damage somewhere that’s irreparable, huh? Like maybe one leg got burnt while you were ironing it or something like that. Well, don’t throw it out yet. Save the good part and make denim bows out of it. You can use denim bows as hair bows, bow ties, you can attach them to head bands, attach them to pins and use them as a brooch of some sort, there are countless ways to use them. You can also make your denim bows in different sizes and customize them however you like.

denim bow

denim hair bow

  • DIY laced denim shorts – denim shorts are perfect for summer and there’s no reason why you should buy a cute pair when you see one. When you have too many denim shorts, though, you’ll start to realize how most of them look just the same. The solution? DIY them! DIYing lets you customize your denims and clothes to make them unique and fabulous. Denim lace shorts are super on trend right now, so why not make a pair for yourself? It’s easy and cheap, too.

lace denim shorts lace denim shorts outfit

  • DIY denim bracelets – got some scrap from other DIY denim projects? Well, why not make the most of that pair you’ve DIYed and turn the scraps into something beautiful, like a denim bracelet. There are loads of different styles and designs that you can do. You can even make denim cuffs with just the scraps so make sure you put those to good use.

bracelet denim bracelet denim outfit

  • DIY denim bags – denim is a very sturdy fabric which is why it can last you years and years of usage. If you’ve got a pair of denims that are still in good shape but aren’t being used anymore, turn them into something you could use, like a bag! This DIY project requires at least basic sewing skills so if you don’t know how to sew, you may want to ask for help from someone who does and make something simple like an everyday carryall or an eco-bag. If you’ve got great sewing skills, though, you can easily turn your denims into a cute bag with more cute details and designs.

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