DIY Floral Necklace Ideas for Spring

Spring is literally a couple of days away and you sure can feel the nice, warm spring breeze already. I’m sure you’ve already done some spring shopping for your wardrobe but do you have cute accessories to go with your spring outfits yet? We all know any outfit is not complete without good accessories so why not start making your own? Start with floral necklaces. They have a nice springtime feel and can instantly add a cute and girly vibe to any outfit. Here are some awesome DIY floral necklace ideas for spring that you can make to go with your outfits.

  • Fabric rosette necklace – this is perhaps one of the easiest and most inexpensive kinds of floral necklace you can make for spring. All you need are some fabric scraps and a basic sewing kit as well as the tools and equipments for making the necklace chain and you’re good to go. There are quite a feaw variations of rosettes that you can make and you can mix and match different styles in one necklace or you can take the purists’ route and use only one rosette style.

fabric fabric rosette

  • Fresh flower necklace – when you hear floral necklace, you wouldn’t usually think of one made from fresh flowers (unless it’s a Hawaiian lei) but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Wild flowers always make an exquisite charm for a necklace but you can also common flowers like roses and tulips or even daises. Glue a bunch of different flowers onto a light base like fabric or cardboard and use a cute ribbon to use lace to hang it on to your neck. It won’t last long but it will look super pretty and fabulous while it’s fresh.

fresh flowers


  • Floral lace appliqué necklace – if you want a floral necklace that’s dainty, delicate and girly, try making a lace appliqué necklace. Lace appliqués can be bought from your local craft store and they come in many different sizes and designs. in case you can’t find one, you can also use a lace sheet with a floral pattern and just cut it out. Paint the lace if you want and apply a fabric hardener then attach it to your necklace chain.

lace lace necklace

  • Floral bunting necklace – this one is a very festive and celebratory floral necklace idea. If you have some fabric scraps that have floral print on them, cut little triangles and sew them into perfect triangle shapes then use them as charm on your necklace. Choose different prints on your fabric to make your necklace colorful and bright.

bunting bunting necklace

  • Floral bib necklace – a bib necklace is the perfect accessory to wear if you want to make a statement and what better kind of bib necklace to make for spring than one that’s inspired by the beauty of the season? You can make a floral bib necklace using various materials like fabric, plastic flowers and colored paper, among others. You can make your floral bib necklace as big or as small as you want and as bold or as subtle as you wish. The key here is to use just the right amount of décor and not go overboard.

bib bib necklace