DIY Menu Board Tutorial

Remember Jades amazing menu board?  I love it!  But I hate cooking.  I am not good at it.  You will most likely never see me share a recipe on here.  So although I love Jade’s menu board it doesn’t really work for me because I don’t even have enough meals to fill the whole month and I don’t want it on the counter for my guests to see how many times my family has mac and cheese for dinner a month. But I still need to be organized or else I will never get anything on the table. So if you’re like me this menu board might work for you.
diy menu board tutorial

So what I do is write all my recipes down on a index cards. This makes it super easy because the name and ingredients go on the front so I can easily make a grocery list for the week. The directions are on the back so all I have to do is slide the card out pull the ingredients out of the fridge and I am ready to go.
You need:
– 2 different colors of cute paper
– clear slip covers that are for scrapbooking
– index cards
– sturdy board or it would also be super-cute in a frame!  (Which I think I just might do to mine now!)
First, if you are using a sturdy backing, glue your base paper to it.  If you are using a frame, you can frame it when it’s all done.
Then you’re going to cut up the clear plastic into six equal pieces.  I drew lines where I needed my index cards. I only wanted six slots because one day of the week is always leftover or take out day.  We all need a break once in a while…DEFINITELY leave yourself a leftover day!  🙂
diy menu board
Next, with one of the papers, measure and trace a border to frame the recipe cards. (the inside space needs to be the size of your index card.)
Prepare Card
Cut them all out.
Cut them all
Then take the plastic and the border…
take the plastic and the border
…and glue the border to the plasitc on all sides.
glue the border
After that is dry, glue just 3 sides, NOT THE TOP (this is so you can stick your recipe card in) and stick it to your base paper. In this picture I used just plain ol’ stick glue, but my cards are in and out of there so much that it popped off so I had to go back and glue it with hot glue. So I would recommend using hot glue or gorilla glue for this project.
glue just 3 sides
So this is what you should have so far.
Glue all

And now you should be able to slide your index card in through the top.
slide your index card
slide your index card s
Add a cute header, hang it up in your pantry (or whever you would like to put it) and your done! Simple and easy. And cheap!
Add a cute header
Every week you’ll pick six meals from your stack of index cards (Stay tuned to see how I organize my index cards, it’s coming soon!) and slide them in the borders that you just made. Then you are ready to go to the store, all the items you need to get are right there for you to write down.  Wonderful organization!
Menu Board Finish

Along with a great way to store the index cards, we also have an amazing grocery list printable coming that will make your life even more simpler. Jades amazing idea that I have been using for a couple weeks now and love. Check back!