DIY Things to Do with an Old T-shirt

If there’s one thing we tend to buy more than anything else in our closets, it’s t-shirts. T-shirts are very versatile. They can be worn during the day or at night time. You can wear a t-shirt on its own but you can also use to create layers within your outfit. And because t-shirts are considered staples in any girl’s wardrobe, we tend to end up with more shirts than we care to admit. In case you’ve just recently discovered a pile of old t-shirts sitting in your closet unused, check out these simple and easy-to-make DIY things to do with an old t-shirt and start crafting!

  • Eco-bag – in case you haven’t notice, plastic bags are being banned slowly from city to city and before you know it, they’ll be totally forbidden to use by law. As early as now, stock up on eco-bags or reusable market bags. T-shirts are perfect for making your own eco-bags. Basic knowledge on how to sew is required but having a sewing machine and knowing how to use it will allow you to make sturdier eco-bags.

eco bag diy eco bag

  • Fringe scarf – summer is coming soon and a fringe scarf is the perfect accessory to a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of summer outfit since it adds a lot of texture to a rather plain look. And why would you buy those expensive fringe scarves from boutiques when you can make your own without spending anything? See the picture below on how to make your own fringe scarf using an old t-shirt.

fringe scarf outfit

fringe scarf

  • T-shirt bracelets – now that we know the arm party trend isn’t going anywhere for a while, it would be a good idea to stock up on more bracelets to add as our arm candy. Make sure your arm party doesn’t miss a well=texture t-shirt bracelet. To make this, just cut your r-shirt into thin strips and then start creating your bracelets. You can braid the strips any way you want, twist them together or even use them to cover an old bangle up and give it a new look.

bracelet bracelet diy

  • Rosettes – you know rosettes will always have a place to go if you’re someone who likes to customize and personalize things a lot. Rosettes can be used as t-shirt embellishments, adornments on diy jewelry and other diy accessories, finishing on little things around the house like lampshades and even as shoe clip ornaments to give your boring flats the ‘oomph’ that it lacks. Rosettes can be done using old t-shirts. there are no-sew styles that you can make while there are also those that you can make by sewing bits and pieces of old t-shirts together.

rosette tutorial t-shirt rug

  • Area rug – if you’re looking for just one DIY project that would have you get rid of ALL the old t-shirts in your closet, start cutting them up now and begin making an area rug.  You can make it as small or as big as you want, depending on how many t-shirts you plan to use. You can use t-shirts of all colors and prints to make a more interesting rug. This DIY project may take a while to complete but you can always sit down and do it anytime you have nothing to do. It’s a great way to pass time.

t-shirt rug tshirt rug tutorial