DIY Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing

You may not know it because you’ve grown too familiar with it but your house actually has a signature smell that people notice when they first come in. This signature smell can be anything from a very pleasing one to a nasty, yucky, icky stench that would make them want to hurl. There are lots of things that you can do to have your house smell good. Scented candles, plug-ins, wallflowers, freshener sprays – these are just some of the most popular ways people freshen up the smell in their homes. However, using too much of these might lead to health issue as these products are filled with chemicals and toxins. Luckily, there are so many DIY ways to make your house smell amazing without using harsh chemicals. Check out these natural ways to get your house smelling fantastic.

  • Bake cookies – the oldest and one of the most effective tricks in the book on how to make your house smell really good is to bake cookies. This is what realtors ask homeowners to do when they’re trying to sell a house and they’ve got a potential buyer coming in. The smell of baked cookies is homey. It makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Baking emits that sweet nostalgic scent that everybody loves. You can bake other goodies like brownies or cupcakes too.

cookies cookie baked

  • Beeswax scented candles – commercial scented candles contain paraffin which is a substance that releases carcinogenic when burned. Avoid using these and make your own scented natural scented candles instead. There are only two main ingredients for making your own natural scented candle: beeswax and essential oils. You can mix essential oils of your choice to give it that multi-dimensional scent. See full tutorial on how to make beeswax scented candles on


beeswax lemon candles

  • Reed diffuser – reed diffusers sell like hotcakes at posh stores for the home like Anthropologie and Bed Bath and Beyond. This is because they make the home smell really nice and they’re super easy to use and maintain as well. Unlike other products that make your home smell nice, reed diffusers use very little to no harsh chemicals at all but they come with hefty price tags. If you’ve previously bought a reed diffuser kit and need to top up the scent, why not make your own? Use the reed diffuser bottle that you have fill it up with water and a few tablespoons of vodka and add in your choice of essential oils ( ¼ cup water = 12 drops essential oils). Now soak your reeds (bamboo skewers work great, too) and then rotate.

reed diffuser reed diffuser homemade

  • Cook room scents – the kitchen is such a diverse place. You’re in there mostly to cook meals but with the things you have in there, you can also make your own first aid solutions, beauty products and even room scents. Room scents are basically a combination of ingredients that you simmer with water in a sauce pan for them to release a beautiful aroma. They make great gifts for housewarmings, too. Visit for full tutorials on how to make 5 different room scents.

room scents room scents diy

  • Freshening spray – ditch all your chemical-filled freshening sprays and make your own instead by mixing distilled water, baking soda and 12 drops of essential oil into a spray bottle. Shake the mixture and spray the bad scents away from your home. Not only is it a chemical-free alternative, it’s cheaper too!

room spray room spray diy