How to Make Tassel DIY Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings look far more interesting than just the plain studs. These types of earrings have more shape, body and movement to them which makes them more eye catching and gorgeous. However, some women are discouraged to wear dangle earrings because they’re afraid that the weight of the earrings are going to pull down on their ears and later on make them droopy. A simple solution to this would be to make your own DIY dangle earrings. This way you will get to control how heavy your earrings are going to be by putting as little or as much embellishments on them. In this post, you will see how you can make a very stylish and chic pair of DIY dangle earrings.

tassel hoops

yellow tassels

DIY Tassel Dangle Earrings – these DIY dangle earrings using fabric tassels are very cute and lightweight. They’re also elegant looking and can be worn with either a casual outfit or a semi-formal ensemble. To make tassel dangle earrings, you will need:

  • Craft tassels (you can buy them pre made or you can make them from scratch).
  • Ear hooks or ear wires
  • Long nose pliers
  • Brass caps and brass beads
  • Wire clippers
  • Eye pins
  • Extra strong hold glue

Start of by assembling your tassels if you are making them from scratch. Cut strands into about twice your preferred tassel length. Once you have enough strands to make your tassel as sleek or bulky as you like, lay them flat on a surface and take them by the middle then tie using another strand of string. Tie the strands together tightly and cut off the excess and set aside.

diy tassel earrings

Take your eye pin and thread it through the brass cap then put a small amount of extra strong hold glue on the inside of the brass cap and stick the top of your tassel in. Hold in place for a few seconds, wiggle to see if it has set. Once it’s set, thread the bead in on the eye pin so it lands on top of the brass cap.

classy tassels

fuschia tassel earrings

Now, take your pliers and bend the eye pin near the bottom to make a small loop then wrap the remainder twice around and cut off the excess. Finally attach your ear hook or ear wire to finish up. Repeat the same steps for the other earring and your DIY tassel earrings are complete!

gold tassel

peach tassels

You can make your tassel DIY earrings as long, short, sleek or bulky as you want to. Wear your DIY tassel earrings with your hair up so that you can show off its gracious movement each time you walk.

tassel on studs

turquoise tassels