How to Make Your Own DIY Shoe Clips

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that fits you oh so perfectly and the colors of it looks ever so beautiful on your skin and then when you need them for a certain outfit, you go “Oh, it’s a shame they’re so plain, I would love to wear these with my outfit today but I’m afraid my clothes are already too simple”. Well, we’ve all had that at one point, I’m sure. What you’ll tend to do then is to settle for a pair that’s not too comfy but has really gorgeous accents and details to complement your simple outfit. Good thing there are DIY shoe clips that are super easy and cheap to make!

DIY shoe clips are your best bet if you want to transform plain shoes into stunningly gorgeous ones in a n instant. Simply clip them on and give your favorite pair of shoes a makeover straightaway. Before you can do that, though, you need to know how to make them.

  • Here are the things that you’ll need (most of these are either readily available at home or you can get them from the local crafts shop)
    • Tweezers
    • A pair of blank clip-on findings
    • Sand paper
    • Hot glue gun
    • Your choice of embellishment(s)

diy shoe clips heart sequin shoe clip

  • Decide on your embellishment and make it if you have to – a lot of women like to use old fancy earrings (especially the chandelier and drop types) as shoe clips because they add instant elegance to your shoes. However, you may also make your own embellishments like bows, fabric rosettes, feathers or whatnot. You can also use cute things you can find around the house like appliqués, vintage buttons, and even cute tiny plastic flowers from the vase in the living room. Remember that the size of your embellishments have to be proportional to your shoes.

back bow shoe l=clip

pompom shoe clips

  • Prime the findings – prime the clip-on findings by sanding it just enough to give it a little bit of texture and make it a little rough. This will make the bonding easier when you glue the embellishments on the findings later. Make sure you wipe away all the sanding dust. If you’re using an embellishment with a smooth, flat base, you should sand that too.

beads shoe clip ruffle sandals

  • Glue the embellishments on to the findings – put a small dot of hot glue on your clip on findings and attach the embellishments. If you’re using small ones and you need to move it to make sure it’s centered, use tweezers to avoid your fingers from sticking and burning.

cute shoe clips side bow shoe clip

  • Wait for the glue to dry – allow the hot glue to cool down and dry for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once it’s dry, you can now give your favorite pair of shoes an instant makeover by clipping on your DIY shoe clips!

studded shoe clip vintage shoe clip

DIY shoe clips are perfect if you have limited choices in shoes because you can give the same pair of shoes a lot of different looks and designs just by putting on different shoe clips. It’s a very inexpensive way to be super stylish.