Quick and Easy Ideas for Making DIY Cuff Bracelets

Accessorizing is a huge part of getting ready and dressing up in the morning for a lot of women. It’s something that you can actually skip and not do but would rather do it because it makes your outfit look more stylish and complete. With such high demand for accessories, accessory makers tend to mass produce their design which means that there’s a big, fat chance that you’ll end up bumping in to someone wearing the same accessory as you every day.

Cuffs are one of the easiest things to DIY. All you need is a cuff form (sometimes not even that), little trinkets you’ll want to have on your cuff and creativity to make a piece that’s truly unique and one of a kind. Here are quick and easy ideas for making DIY cuff bracelets that you can use next time you feel like making your own statement piece of an accessory:

  • Metallic cuffs – metallic cuffs are very basic and simple but they sure make a great style statement when you wear them with the right pieces. You don’t need to those metallic cuff bracelets you see at the malls. I mean, why would you buy them if you can make them? All you need is a cuff form or any old cuff and either gold or silver spray paint. Rose gold would work, too, but you might have a hard time looking this particular color. Just take your cuff form and spray it with the spray paint color of your choice and you have your own metallic cuff. You can do patterns of alternating gold and silver to make your cuff more unique.

metallic cuffs metallic silver cutts metallix gold cuffs

  • Safety pin cuff bracelet – being stylish and fashionable doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank to buy expensive stuff. This safety pin cuff bracelet take the combination of style and creativity to a whole new level. Who would have thought that a bunch of safety pins and a couple of garter strings could make something so cool and fabulous as a cuff bracelet? Insert beads onto the pin if you want to add color to your cuffs or keep them bare for that edgy, industrial look.

safety pin cuff bracelet safety pin

  • Beaded cuff bracelet – some people find beading very therapeutic and relaxing and if you’re one of those who do, why don’t you refurbish an old cuff with beads to give it a nice, new and refreshing twist? Simply sand your old cuff to give it texture and make the beads stick better then brush some glue on to your cuff and either sprinkle it with beads or tediously glue beads on manually. You can also make beaded bracelets from scratch using a nylon string and a heap of beads.

beaded cuffs beaded

  • Denim cuff bracelet – got an old pair of jeans that you are no longer able to use? Well, before you go ahead and dump that in the trash, why don’t you make the most out of your good old pair of jeans and take what you can from it? One thing you can make is denim cuff bracelets. Just measure your wrist and cut off as much fabric as you need to cove it then sew / glue on any decorations / embellishments you might like (this is optional) and sew on buttons and make a button hole for the closure. You can also use other closures of your choice when making these. That’s it! You’re done!

denim cuff