Stylish DIY Fashion Tutorials for Spring

I’m pretty sure that by now you already have your spring wardrobe packed with all your spring outfits and accessories but you know we girls can really never have enough of… well, anything and everything fashion related. That’s just how we are. We love fashion. But being fashionable and stylish doesn’t always mean you have to be out and about shopping for the latest trends. You can still be on trend even while you’re on a budget and the secret behind that is to do some DIYs. DIYs are great because you get to make your own stuff the exact way you want them done. They’re a great way to pass time and to save some serious cash, too! Here are some stylish DIY fashion tutorials that you can make.

  • Embellished sunglasses – This was one hot trend on the runways for Spring Fashion Week and you can totally make your own pair at home! You can use any old pair of sunglasses you have lying around or you can purchase the really cheap, standard ones (you’ll be making them extra pretty anyway). For this DIY, you’ll need a pair of sunnies, craft glue, embellishments of your choice (faux pearls, little clay flowers, etc) and a pair of tweezers. Basically, all you need to do is cover the frame with the embellishments by gluing them on. Use your tweezers to adjust the embellishments to the right places and you’re done! You can cover the whole frame with embellishments or just decorate a part of it for a chic look.

sunnies sunglasses

  • Floral sneakers – okay, so you know those Cath Kidston sneakers that just look so darn cute with all the shabby chic floral thing going on? You can sport the same stuff without having to break the bank, you know. If you’re familiar with the photo transfer process, you could easily make your own pair of floral sneakers just like the Cath Kidston ones. Don’t let the words ‘photo transfer’ intimidate you, it’s really not quite technical as you think. Click here for the step by step guide on how you can make your own pair of floral sneakers using photo transfer. The tutorial on the website uses yellow shoes and places images only on certain spots but you can definitely make your own with just about any pair of plain sneakers you have and don’t be shy to cover each and every inch on your shoes, too!


sneakers ck sneaker floral

  • Fancy ankle straps – need to jazz up a plain pair of shoes? Why not make your own fancy ankle straps to go with them? You can use jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and brooches with this one and the great thing about it is that they don’t necessarily have to be the exact same kind so anything goes, really. Just buy a dainty chain (the kind you’d use for necklaces) long enough to go around your ankles and have locks / closures attached to them and you can start pinning anything on to make your fancy ankle strap. If your shoes already has ankle straps on them, skip the chain and just pin/glue your trinkets on.

ankles ankle straps

  • Gladiator sandals – okay, so this isn’t something everyone would be bold enough to make and wear but for those who love some fashion thrill, this is a must-do. Gladiator sandals perfectly combine comfort and style. Though you could always DIY your own using a pair of heels, we thought flat sandals were lovelier for springtime. You can wear these with dresses that need some oomph or with a pair of cutesy shorts. For the full tutorial, click here.

gladiator sandals glads gladiator sandals diy