Stylish Spring Fashion DIYs You Should Start Making Now

Being stylish doesn’t always have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways for you to look fab and glam all the time without having to spend tons on money on shopping for new clothes and accessories. as a matter of fact, sometimes all you really need is a bit of creativity and a DIY craft kit on hand. When aimed with these, you can make your own fashion DIYs. If you like crafting and making personalized items you can use, check out these stylish spring fashion DIYs you should start making now.

  • Rosette headband – looking for the ultimate hair accessory to dress your hair up with for spring? Headbands are really convenient. They’re easy to wear and are just as easy to make. Create your own rosette headband by gathering scrap fabric and turning them into rosettes then attach them to a plastic headband base and you’re ready to go. You can wear your rosette necklace with dresses to give it more of that girly feel or with a casual outfit to make it look dressier and cuter.

headband with rosettes headband

  • Bright cap toe shoes – turn a boring, plain, old pair of shoes into something more exciting and interesting. Add cap toe details on a pair of plain shoes that you no longer use. Choose bright and vibrant colors for making / painting the cap toe to make it more appropriate for spring. You can also use glitters if you want, to make it more girly and sparkly.

cap toe shoes

cap toe

  • Jeweled jelly sandals – we saw this trend from the runway of spring 2014 and we think it was really cute and we think it would make a great DIY fashion project for spring. If you have jelly sandals, grab them and start hot gluing some colorful faux jewels on to it. You can use as many or as little gems as you like but do take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.

jelly sandals jelly

  • Fancy ankle straps – if you’re looking for a way to add and exquisite charm and an element of surprise to your outfit, you should definitely start making your fancy ankle straps. They’re like bracelets that are worn on the ankle. You can adorn and embellish them with just about anything you think would look nice or you can also use old jewelry like bracelets and chain necklaces that you no longer use. Other things that you can use to make your fancy ankle straps include beads, chains, lace, ribbons and brooches.

ankle ankle straps

  • Embellished sunnies – with the warmer spring weather about to come, I’m sure you’ll be spending lots of time on the streets, enjoying the sun. Keep your eyes protected from the sun by wearing sunglasses. If you want your sunnies to have a more springtime-like feel to it, embellish the frame with little trinkets like flower beads. You’re sure to make all the other girls envy with your one of a kind unique shades. You can use any kind of sunglasses you want for this DIY project, whether it’s an old unused one or a brand new one you bought just for this purpose.

shades look shades