Things to Do With Glitter

Glitter is something that you can use to add instant fun and glam to anything, You can get heaps of it from your local crafts supply store but you can also check your bookstore if they have it. if you’re a crafty girl and you’ve been doing DIYs for quite some time, you may even already have it at home. Glitter can be messy to work with sometimes but all that sparkle and shine sure is worth all the trouble. So, what can you do with glitter? Check out our DIY ideas on things to do with glitter and get working!

  • Glitter pumps – looking for an easy DIY that you can make to breathe life back to an old pair of pumps? Why not do glitter pumps? They’re easy to make and they’re really cute. You can use them to dress up a simple outfit or to complement a fancy ensemble. Cover your pumps all over in glitter if you want something bold but if you’re looking for something more subtle, you can do just the soles or the heels or even do a cap toe detail with glitter.

glitter pumps outfit glitter pumps

  • Glitter nail art – if you’re looking for a way to use up left over glitter but don’t really feel like busting out all your DIY tools and supplies, you can do something simple and easy like a glitter nail art. Using glitter on your nails is a really cute way to cheer up your nails and add a bit of glitz and glam to it.


nail art

  • Glitter headband – sometimes when you just want something quick to hold your hair in place, slicking it back with a headband is the best way to go. Make your headband stand out and really shine by covering it in glitter! This works especially well in plain plastic headbands. You can buy a bunch of them and cover them in glitters of different colors so you always have one to match any outfit.


  • Glitter belt – an outfit, no matter how well you put it together, is never complete without accessories. if you want to spruce up your outfit, why not add a glitter belt on? It’s a great way to add a bit of fancy sparkle and shine to any outfit. just take an old belt, cover it in Modge Podge, sprinkle glitter on and allow it to dry.

belt belt outfit

  • Glitter champagne flutes – girlfriends coming over for a sleep over tonight? Make your sleep over more fun and fancy by serving drinks in a tall glittered champagne flute. It doesn’t necessarily have to be champagne, it could be juice, iced tea or soda and it will still look super posh. While you’re at it, why not make a matching glitter platter to serve snacks on as well? You’ll surely have lots of fun and your friend will definitely look forward to the next sleep over!

flutes flute diy

  • Glitter purse accent – if you’ve got a purse that’s got leather chipping on some parts, don’t throw it out yet. Hide your purse’s flaw by covering it in glitter! it’s a stylish way to make an old and flawed purse look glamorous and brand new again.