10 Awesome Outfit Ideas for Sailor Pants

Sailor pants have been around the fashion platform for quite a long time. However, the peak of its popularity has been back in the ’60s and early ’70s when sailor outfits became ultimately trending. Basically, sailor pants are made to be wide-legged so that sailors will be able to roll them up when they are scrubbing the decks. But over time, it has been modified and remade until the only thing left to identify if it’s a sailor pants is the three nautical buttons on either side and its high waist.

Still, most of the sailor pants that you can buy these days are still the flared kinds. And flared, as we all know, are really big this season. Here are 10 awesome outfit ideas to wear sailor pants.

  1. Get comfortable by slipping on a loose sailor pants and pair it with a striped shirt and loafers.
    sailor pants and stripes
  2. Match your trench coat with the color of your sailor pants. A bright accessory like a sunshine yellow bag is a plus.
    sailor pants and trench coat
  3. Create a military-inspired outfit by sporting a navy sailor pants and white turtleneck top and white boy jacket. There’s a rocker chic feel going on with this, too. This look is especially flattering with tall women but the petite ladies can still achieve this so long as their heels are hidden underneath the pants.
    sailor pants and white jacket
  4. Pull off a more modern preppy look with sailor pants by tucking in your silk blouse and tying a thin necktie loosely around your neck. It will be more fitting if you’re opting for a neutral colored tie.
    sailor pants and slim necktie
  5. Make a more casual ensemble with your silk blouse by layering a comfy sweater over it. You could also get dressy/preppy with this outfit combination by picking a sweater in a more formal print like Breton stripes or tiny gingham. Pick a fancy purse, too.
    sailor pants and shirt
  6. If you are looking for something vintage-y and classy, then try this one. A vintage print blouse on top and a black wide-legged high-waisted sailor pants where your heels can peek. Black straight-cut sailor pants will also due so long as they are loose on you.
    sailor pants and vintage printed top
  7. Emphasize your curves and make yourself look slimmer both at the same time by putting on a black skinny sailor pants. With the pants tight and snug around you, the lined buttons actually gives more emphasis on your waist and hip line. It will be emphasized even more when pairing the pants with light-colored top.
    sailor pants skinny
  8. If you want to be bolder and more daring, don a pair of sailor pants in a color other than blue or black. You could try on earthy tones for an instant relaxed look or maybe even a brighter color like pink or red.
    sailor pants brown
  9. While flared or wide-legged pants are dressy in their own rights, you could make your outfit even fancier by matching a dressy top with it. An ideal pair would be a dark colored pants and white top.
    sailor pants and dressy blouse
  10. Take a step higher into your comfort level by slipping on a sailor short pants. Donning a top with fun and relaxed-looking top such as floral and geometric prints will be ideal. This getup is suitable for a low-key get together with your friends or your favorite guy.
    red sailor shorts and floral top