10 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Fashion mishaps are inevitable. Everyone goes through one fashion disaster every now and then, no matter how long you’ve prepared to pull off a certain look. here’s a compilation of useful fashion hacks every girl should know.

  • Easy undergarment care – though hand washing your undergarments, especially your bras, is highly recommended, you really don’t have to all the time. What you can do instead is to throw them all in a mesh zipper bag and let them spin in the washer with cold water and then let them air dry.


  • Laundry water tips – speaking of laundry and washing clothes, a lot of people are confused on whether to use warm or cold water with their clothes so here’s a quick tip: warm water =  better for achieving cleaner clothes (use for items that are soiled or need deeper cleaning) and cold water = best for delicates (use for undergarments, smaller items).


  • For sweaty and smelly shoes – if you always end up with sweaty and stinky shoes after working out, just pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda inside your workout shoes, toss around for even distribution and leave overnight. The baking soda will absorb the sweat and will eliminate the stench, too.

sweaty shoes

  • Faking long-leggedness – if you want to make your legs appear a few inches than they really are, wear a nude shoe closest to your skin color. This way, you create a continuous line which, in return, produces the illusion of longer legs. Opt for shoes with pointed toes for optimal results.

nude shoes

  • Restoring leather’s luster – if you’ve got a leather item that has lost its sheen and shine over time due to the natural process of wear and tear – whether it’s a leather jacket, a pair of leather boots, a leather bag or whatnot – simply spritz on a bit of Windex to it, rub with a soft cloth and see your leather piece come to life once again.


  • No to trashy outfits – never look trashy in any outfit by remembering this simple rule: miniskirts and shorts call for conservative tops while skimpy tops need to be paired with bottoms that will get you covered up.

mini shorts

  • Keeping jeans dark – dark wash jeans often tend to fade out into a lighter color after several washes but if you want to maintain your dark jeans dark, remember to put in ½ cup of distilled vinegar to the final rinse cycle when you’re washing them.

dark jeans

  • No running, please – to avoid runs and holes on your tights and other hosiery, spray them with sticky hairspray before you head out the door. If you discover runs or holes prior to this, paint the area over with clear nail polish so that it doesn’t run further.


  • What to fake – wearing fake items aren’t all that bad, you just have to know which ones to fake and which ones not to mess around with. Designer bags usually fall into the ‘do not fake’ category because replicas are super easy to spot. Diamond studs, on the other hand, fall into the ‘easy to fake’ category since faux stones aren’t easily spotted by untrained eyes. Cubic zirconia is usually the best one to sub real diamonds with. See how Kate Middleton made these $75 fake diamond earrings look so real.

fake diamonds

  • Look for Lycra – the secret to well-fitting clothes is Lycra. When shopping for items that you wear everyday such as shirts and jeans, look for those that have at least 2 to 5 per cent Lycra in them. These are the ones that will hold their shape despite everyday use.

tshirt and jeabs