10 Modern Outfit Ideas With 70s Fashion

The past seasons have been teeming with inspirations from the decade of disco, metallic knee high boots, and colorful wardrobes–the seventies. Every single person who cares about style and fashion, from the creative designers, A-listers, to street style muses, has worn at the very least one 70s inspired outfit in the last two seasons.

The nostalgia for the disco decade certainly has been apparent this year and I would like to create a sort of review of all the wearable 70s inspired outfits and garments that you can incorporate in your modern wardrobe. Here are 10 modern outfit ideas with 70s fashion:

Button Front Skirts

Button front skirts are wearable all year round, that’s a guarantee. These are also wonderfully form-flattering to almost any kind of body shape. And, most of all, it is a versatile item. Whether you will be wearing it at work or simply casually, button front skirts will definitely add a little bit of femininity and flatter your shape at the same time. Click here to know what to wear with button front skirts.

70s denim button front skirt

70s button front skirt

Sweet Suede

After its popularity peak in the 70s, this textile has since been overshadowed by and received less love than its more popular cousin, leather. But this year is suede’s year. It’s delicate and soft compared to leather. And we cannot get enough of it. From dresses to bags and shoes, there is a lot that suede has to offer and the great thing is: it’s versatile! For tips on how to wear suede, click here.

70s suede jacket

70s suede dress

Denim On Denim

“Denim on denim”, “Double denim”, “Canadian Tuxedo” are all the same thing. Basically, it is wearing a denim top and pairing it with a denim button. The fashion world has once been scarred with the Double Denim Incident with the likes of Jay Leno, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. You would have thought that we’ll be avoiding it until the end of time–until fashion bloggers made it look stylish, trending, and temptingly wearable. On how to wear the denim on denim trend, click over here.

70s denim on denim

70s denim on denim outfit

Flared Pants

Flared pants is one of the key pieces that is absolutely abundant and greatly popular back in the 70s. And why won’t it be now? It’s comfortable, flattering to anyone, and there are so much flared pants offered all over boutiques and fashion houses that would suit your style.

70s white flared pants

70s denim flared pants

Knee High Boots

While knee high boots are usually associated with the Mod fashion of the 90s, it has also been around two decades earlier. The knee high boots of the 70s were usually made of rubber and were of metallic white or silver in color. These days, those kinds of boots would be regarded as cosplay or Halloween costume material. So instead, try to stick with neutral colors made of suede, leather or velvet.

70s knee high boots

70s black knee high boots

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones might remind you of those psychologists in movies with their brown loafers and tartan jackets. But if you know how to style your earth-toned modern clothes, you’d be able to pull off a 70s inspired outfit with earthy tones just like Amal Clooney flawlessly did.

70s earth toned top

70s earth toned outfit Amal Clooney

Fringe Benefits

Like suede and flared pants, fringed clothes has been one of the highlights of 70s fashion. Especially back when Woodstock has been a huge thing. Fringes also give you the added texture that an outfit like, say, monochromatic one, would need. If you are not yet ready for an all-out fringe top or skirt, you could go for baby steps and opt for a fringed bag.

70s fringed jacket

70s fringed bag

Eyelet Dresses

Eyelet dresses are especially a hit during the warmer seasons, spring and summer. It’s innocent, especially in white, and quite refreshing. And it’s basically like a blank paper–you could slip on a leather jacket and go for edgy or you could wear some costume jewelries and make the outfit date-worthy.

70s eyelet dress

70s white eyelet dress

Sailor Pants

Sailor outfits became significantly trending back in the mid 60s and throughout 70s. And this pair of pants will be absolutely wonderful for the summer and spring because of its breezy and comfortable design and material. On outfit ideas to wear with sailor pants, click here.

70s sailor pants androgynous

70s navy sailor pants

Being Bohemian

Bohemian fashion may not have been born during the 70s–since it’s been around for a long while already. But it may as well have been. The 70s was the era of Bohemian fashion and the moment the phenomenal style now has risen to popularity and has not been thwarted from being one of the widely known fashion styles. Click here for an ultimate guide to Bohemian fashion.

70s bohemian lace outfit

70s bohemian outfit