10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Brights This Fall

The colder seasons of fall and winter usually means darker and richer colors that should be ever-present in your fall/winter seasons’ wardrobe. And this is greatly proven by the array of colors in the Pantone’s Fall Color Trend Report. With the entire environment getting colder and the sun hardly shining brightly, the world around us goes to a duller and more glum-looking condition. That’s why darker and richer shades are more favored this time of the year.

But that doesn’t mean we can no longer wear bright colors during the fall and winter. Whoever made that fashion faux pas that brights are not great for autumn and winter must have no sense of playfulness in them. Brights can actually do a hell lot on your fall and winter wardrobe. Thus, I’m here to convince you into adding brights into your closet. Here are some reasons on why you should wear brights this fall.

1. They stand out

The greatest and best thing any bright-colored clothes could do is to stand out. During the fall and winter, when your surroundings are duller, having a bright article of clothing will do you good. It will stand out form your outfit and, overall, highlight whatever you are wearing.

birght orange coat and necklace in black and white outfit

2. Gives warmth and colorful aura

Bright gives the impression of warmth and spectacularly colorful vibes which is something you most definitely want for your fall outfits. We’re getting deeper into the colder seasons. That’s why we should not only feel warm but also look warm.

Taylor Swift bright green coat

3. They POP among your monochromatic outfits

Most easy and typical fall outfits has incorporated monochromatic color schemes into them. And that’s okay; it’s, as mentioned, a typical cold season attire. That’s why adding even one bright garment can change that monochromatic outfit. It adds color and pops from your outfit.

red cropped jacket in all-black outfit

4. Gives that post-summer freshness

The thing with brightly colored clothes is that they are usually associated with the warmer seasons. That’s why wearing brights during the fall and winter could give off that post-summer freshness. Especially during those early days of fall when the cold air is just settling in.

bright printed shirt and flared pants

5. It will make your date night outfits more playful

You would want to wear something lively and romantic for your date night, whether it’s on summer or fall. Having at least one bright shade incorporated into your date night outfit will ultimately make your ensemble for the night already lively and fun-looking. But if you want to take it deeper, try out midi skirts instead of pants.

bright outfit for date night

6. Adds a touch of femininity

There is something about brightness that we associate with women and femininity. And you can use this element of bright colored clothes as a way to make those androgynous outfit have even a tad bit of feminine touch in them.

bright floral printed skirt

7. Creates a less boring office outfit

Yes, yes. You want to be seen as that strong and independent woman at work. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your playful side and be downright boring. A little brightness in your work attire will bode well for you.

bright printed pencil skirt for office

8. It could dress up any ordinary outfit combinations

You could just be wearing a simple, everyday, casual outfit but it could definitely be amped-up just by adding a bright item into it. Brights have the ability to dress up any outfit that you might have and it’s an easy styling tip that you should always take note. Especially during the days we’re too lazy to think up of a great #OOTD–which is usually during the fall and winter.

bright bpurple shirt for office

9. Party-ready

Being…well, bright, bright-colored clothes has the advantage of instantly looking and being party-ready. That’s why it’s best not to stash them away just because summer is over.

bright printed jumpsuit

10. Great to pair with any neutrals

Like the pastels of spring, bright hues could be perfect pairings for neutral colors. Neutral colors are something you have all-year-round but they really are most commonly used during autumn. Add a little brightly clothing in your otherwise all-neutral outfit won’t be so bad at all.

bright yellow lacy booties