10 Stylish Tips On Wearing Polka Dots Modernly

We’re seeing spots today. But you don’t have to worry about it, that’s probably just the abundance of polka dots in the streets and even on the runway this year. And if you’re like us, it would seem like history has repeated itself because it reminds us of the time when our mothers have shoved dozens of polka dots our way. Or maybe polka dots just reminds you of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, Minnie.

Either way, polka dots have always had an instant retro vibe to it which makes it hard to incorporate to modern outfits. But worry no more! Because we have 10 stylish tips on wearing polka dots modernly.

Choose Your Silhouette Wisely

You have to consider how big the dots are and the silhouette of your outfit. For loose garments, it’s good to have random dots on the pattern while for more polished silhouettes go for perfectly lined dots–preferably, in small dots.

Black and White Polka Dot Dress, Astor Place

polka dot balloon dress

Tone It Up or Down With A Blazer

The blazer can do two things: tone the polka dots up or down. To tone it up, pair it with a neutral or solid colored blazer that will make the polka dot clothes stand out. To tone it down, go for subtle polka dots and pair them with funky and colorful blazers.

polka dot dress and blazer Kate Middleton

polka dot dress and colorful tribal blazer

Pair It With A More Tailored Item For Work

For work, you seriously can’t pull off a polka dots pants so throw the idea away. But a skirt might be possible. Either way, the easiest way to pull off a polka dot outfit for work is by wearing a polka dot shirt and pair it with a more tailored bottom.
polka dot shirt and pencil skirt for office
polka dot shirt and flare pants for office

Matched With Shorts Is An Easy Preppy Look

Inserting your polka dot shirt underneath a shorts, especially when the top is long-sleeved, gives a simple and amazingly easy preppy look. To add up to the preppiness, you have the option of wearing tights too.
polka dot blouse and cute shorts
polka dots sweater top and shorts and tights Alexa Chung

Crop Top Is A Modern Garment

Have a polka dot crop top for an easy everyday contemporary outfit. Whether you pair them with a skirt, pants or shorts, it will still look modern since crop tops are practically a modern garment.
polka dot crop top and shorts
polka dot crop top and skirt

Add Edginess With Leather Jacket

Polka dots gives an instant retro-ish and girly vibe to your outfit. And to tone down that retro feel, you can add a little amount of edginess to your ensemble by pulling on a leather jacket.
polka dot skirt and leather jacket
polka dots skirt and leather jacket

Go For Bolder And Unexpected Hues

You don’t have to go for the standard black-and-white or blue-and-white polka dots. Play a little on the color of your outfit and go for red, green, pink or yellow. This will be particularly great for spring and summer.
polka dot dress green
polka dot top and blazer

For Polka Dots on Polka Dots

For polka dots on polka dots, you have two options. First, you can pair similar dots, like black dots on white, that have different sizes of dots. And second, you can pair dots of similar size but with different colors, like a top with black dots on white and a bottom with white dots on black.
polka dot on polka dot top and skirt outfit
polka dot top and skirt with denim jacket

For Polka Dots on Plaids or Stripes

For pairing polka dots with either of these two prints, you have to keep in mind to choose which prints should stand out on your attire: the polka dots or the plaids or stripes.
polka dot and stripes outfit
polka dots and plaid outfit Gwen Stefani