10 Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Basic Clothes

We’ve all got basic clothes, even at least one. A plain white tee, a plain black tee, a pair of denim jeans, a plain tank top, the basic sweater and more. And the thing is, we usually don’t try to style them up because of the thought that they are…well, plain. But that’s what we don’t realize. Because these clothes are so basic, they are so versatile. And since they are so versatile, you could wear them onĀ almost anything!

That’s right, anything! And, here, I will be showing you 10 stylish ways to dress up the basic clothes in your wardrobe. Enjoy!

  1. A simple way to dress up your basic plain white tee is by tucking it underneath a tailored high-waisted pants. The effect is a sleek, polished, and (when worn with not much accessories) minimalist.

basic white tee and high waisted pants

2. A plain black pants are usually easy to dress up since black is a neutral and versatile color. One way of styling up your black pants is by wearing a dressy top and pairing sleek accessories.

basic black pants and v-neck top

3. Let’s face it. It’s fairly difficult to dress up a pair of basic denim jeans. Much less a pair of ripped jeans. But you can if you stick with dressy and/or tailored top and fancy accessories. Keep the hem of your pants cuffed and go for a darker wash if possible.

basic denim jeans and dressy top and blazer

4. This particular outfit of Taylor Swift’s just turned basic outfit into utter perfection. What should you do to achieve this? Aim for mostly monochromatic and have just one trivial piece in your outfit, whether it’s your shoes or bag, that is of different color like the burgundy booties that Taylor wore.

basic black outfit Taylor Swift

5. You would think that basic tank tops are for indoors, particularly in your house. But you could incorporate those breezy and comfortable top into your casual outfit. This one’s especially great during summer. Pair a basic plain white tank top with a smooth and flowing midi skirt for a refreshing and all too feminine summer look.

basic white tank top and navy blue midi skirt

6. Slouchy sweaters are basically comfort clothes that we usually wear inside the house. But for those that are slightly fitting, you could wear them underneath a sleeveless dress for a cute and preppy fall outfit.

basic turtleneck sweater and dress

7. You could just be wearing an outfit mainly consisting of basic clothes like a plain top and jeans but you could already dress this up with the accessories you’ll incorporate into the outfit. A set of bright accessories makes this fun and great for the summer.

basic tee and jeans outfit with bright accessories

8. Sometimes, all you need to dress up your basic outfit is the right accessories. And a statement necklace could go a long way. This particular outfit is perfect for your romantic summer date nights.

basic white tee and statement necklace

9. A pair of basic white sneakers is one of the few sneakers that you could get away with wearing a skirt or dress and that is mainly because of its chicness. I highly recommend sleek and simple garments to incorporate into your outfit with your white kicks.

basic white sneakers and pencil skirt

10. Even if your outfit solely composes of basic outfits like a plain tee and pants or skirt, you could dress your outfit up just by bringing a structured bag. The polished design and sleek look of the bag could really affect your outfit and dress it up.

basic outfit and structured bag