10 Ways to Wear a Vest

If you need something stylish to top your outfit off with but think jackets and blazers are a little bit too warm, a vest is certainly a good alternative. Because vests are traditionally sleeveless and made from lighter fabric, it’s less warm but it’s just as stylish which is why it makes such a great topper for days with warmer weather. Here are 10 ways to wear a vest.

  • Fur – for slightly colder days, a fur vest is sure to come in handy. Fur vests are also perfect If you want to achieve a posh, urban look, especially when paired with leather like most celebrities and stylistas do. You’ll find vests fully covered in fur for a more lush look or those that only have fur trimmings if you want something a bit more casual.

stylish fur vest

  • Denim – if you’re looking for a vest that you can wear with your street style outfits, definitely go for a denim one. Denim vests are great and they’re versatile. You can wear them with easy and casual street style outfits and you can also wear them to dress down dressier pieces.

casual denim vest

  • Leather – for a chic and badass look, try on a leather vest. A leather vest is perfect for slightly colder temps, just like fur vests. You can wear a leather vest if you want to get that rocker chic vibe going on. You can even DIY your leather vest and add studs to make it look edgier.

red leather vest

  • Cropped – cropped vests are perfect for summer and spring. They look awfully great when worn with a dress or even just on top of a simple tank top and jeans kind of outfit. Most of the time, you’ll see cropped vests in denim but you can get them in other fabric too.

cropped denim vest

  • Belted – if you’ve got a rather shabby vest or one that’s a little too big for you and you don’t want the bulk that comes with it, you can always cinch it at the waist and then belt it so that it enhances your figure and gives you flattering curves instead of making you look bulky.

belted knit vest

  • Drape vest – Drape vests are great if you want something that’s just flowy, easy and relaxed. Most drape vests are longer than regular ones and they’re perfect for breaking up the monotony in a monochromatic outfit. Some drape vests are long and ruffly in front so it’s great if you want extra volume on there and some are longer at the back so you can wear it on top of your tank top if you’re wearing leggings.

chic drape vest

  • Printed – printed vests are fun and they work great if you want to add interesting details to your outfit. You can get vests with just about any print. They’re great if you want to make your outfit a little less boring and a bit more exciting.

animal printed vest

  • In bright colors – bright, vivid colors on vests are perfect if you want to add a nice pop of color, especially if you’re wearing something monochromatic underneath. These vests are perfect if you want something to liven up a rather plain outfit.

bright yellow vest

  • Tuxedo style – tuxedo style vests are more sleek and polished. They’re great if you need a vest to wear with your work outfits. They’re the kinds of vests you’d want to have if you’re trying to dress smart for the workplace.

tuxedo vest

  • Trench – trench vests are pretty much like trench coats except that they’re sleeveless. You can wear them if you want to polish up your outfit and make it look posh and chic.

beige trench vest