11 Awesome Ways To Wear White Dress This Summer

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, white is one of the trendiest color this season and there’s no question about it. It’s perfect for spring and summer. It’s a neutral color that can go with pretty much anything. And depending on the style of dress you’ll be wearing and the accessories and pieces you’ll be incorporating into the outfit, you could wear it to anywhere. Whether you want to go for a romantic look or something edgy, spring innocence or summer playfulness, a white dress will look great and give your look that instant feminine feel.

I give you these 11 awesome ways to wear white dress this summer.

  1. The Classic Color Combo – Ah, yes. The failsafe color match to white will always be black. This classic pair has been around, probably, since the start of fashion. And nothing says cool and sleek like a tailored dress paired with black sleek accessories.
    white dress and black accessories
    white dress and black
  2. Sheer and Lacy – This year has been great for both sheers/laces and the color white. With these two combined, you could achieve an amazing mix of innocence and allure. Of course, if you think you don’t have the guts for a little see through display of your midriff, you can always take the romantic route of sheer lace sleeves.
    white dress lace
    white sheer party dress alexa chung
  3. Underneath Denim – Give those light breezy dress some stagnant casual look by wearing a denim cover up. The denim will tone down your girly dress. And if you don’t want to go with that country girl look, then choose sleek accessories.
    white dress and vest
    white dress and denim jacket
  4. A Lil’ Pop of Color – You’d want to take advantage of all the whiteness in your outfit here. With all those white going on, you could do with a little bright color. That one bright piece will beyond any doubt stand out without being displeasing to the eyes.
    white dress and pink blazer
    white dress and bright yellow shoes
  5. With a Statement Necklace – Another way of having a pop of color is with your necklace. Take your funkiest statement necklace and it will instantly make your attire party-ready. Also, it brings the attention to your face.
    white dress and statement necklace
    white sheath dress and statement necklace
  6. Preppy and Edgy – You’d think preppy and edgy won’t go well together but they do. The trick here lies on two things: observing the little details of the dress and having edgy accessories. A black collar in a white preppy pleated dress or that little accent on the hem–these ti
    white pleated dress
  7. Office Monochromatic – If you want to sport a white dress in the office, you’d want to look sleek and cool. So the best way to do it is by going for matching pieces in black, white, or at least two of the fifty shades of grey–which I’m using in the most innocent way possible.
    white dress for office
    white dress office
  8. With White Sneakers – A very easy and stylish way to get comfortable and casual with your white dress is by slipping on your standard white sneaks. And the thing with white sneakers is that they also give off a slight preppiness which will be great for those who wants to look feminine yet comfortable.
    white dress and sneakers
    white dress v neck and sneakers
  9. Comfortably Maxi – It doesn’t hurt to wear a long white dress every once in a while despite not being at a wedding. Besides, this is the twenty-first century. But to keep it from going to the bride/bridesmaid route, you could slip on some accessories that will dress your chosen garment down.
    white maxi dress
    white maxi dress and jacket