11 Jewel Tones To Add Into Your Everyday Outfits

Jewel tones are those color obviously named based on the gemstones with similar hues. These colors have a…well, jewel-ish look to them with their usually glossy appearance on fabric. The result of those glossy elements gives jewel tones their fancy feel. This makes them a great set of colors to choose for formal events where one has to dress up.

satin jewel tone dress | AelidaJewel tones are often used for formal events and sometimes, as alternatives for your LBDs.

With that said, the idea of wearing these jewel tones in casual outfits for everyday events and dressing down is unusual–though, not unheard of. Here are 11 common jewel tones and some tips and tricks on how you can add them to your everyday wardrobe.


Ruby red usually has that certain ounce of allure. The color is rich and very much fitting for fall season. In fact, you will see lots of lipsticks in ruby red especially during fall and winter. A great neutral color to pair up with this jewel tone is chestnut brown as it harmonizes well with the jewel tone and adds to the richness of colors in the outfit.

ruby red printed dress Dakota Fanning | Aelida


This shade of orange depicts a summery feel to it yet at the same time, it doesn’t look totally out of place in a colder setting–like fall. For those with a warm skin tone, it is best to wear mandarin orange nearer to your face as it looks exceptionally well with this skin tone. Great neutral colors to pair with mandarin orange are definitely tumbleweed, beige or any light brown shades. These neutrals will help draw the attention to the jewel tone, making it a key piece in your outfit.

mandarin orange scarf | Aelida


Citrine yellow has a slight mustard-y look to it, with tinges of green and brown. This jewel tone offers enough brightness to your everyday fall outfits without really blinding other people. Another unique edge to this jewel tone is that it also looks great when paired with darker jewel tones such as emerald and burgundy. A great neutral color to pair to citrine yellow is navy blue. Navy blue complements citrine yellow which works wonderfully well.

citrine yellow coat | Aelida


Personally, I don’t favor lime green in my outfit but the appeal with jewel lime is its darker and richer shade. It’s neon-ish with a hint of pastel in a darker shade. For brunette or ombre-haired ladies, wearing this jewel tone on the top half of your outfit emphasizes your hair color. Black and white are great neutrals to pair with jewel tone.

jewel lime trench coat | Aelida


Emerald green is one of the few jewel tones that are fairly easy to put into everyday outfits simply because we’ve seen others use it. A great everyday setting? The workplace. The elegance of this jewel tone certainly stands out in the office. Girls with rich black hair might want to take advantage of this color since it brings out the best of their hair color. That said, black is a good neutral color to pair with emerald. Gold, though not really neutral, will also look great.

emerald green top | Aelida


Aquamarine is one of the few jewel tones that leans more on the neon shade. It is also one of the few jewel tones that looks its best during the spring and summer because of its ultimately bright hue. For fall, I highly suggest going for dull neutral colors such as nude brown for this jewel tone, rather than neutrals with absolute shades such as black and white. Gray might also be more preferable as these dull shades will help in toning down the color a notch–making it suitable for fall.

aquamarine maxi skirt | Aelida


Teal is definitely one of my most favorite jewel tones. But that is a personal opinion that goes with my personal style. My style leans more to edgy and teal looks absolutely stunning when paired with black which is why I love it. That said, black is a great neutral to match with teal.

teal dress and jacket | Aelida


Like emerald green, you have also seen sapphire blue incorporated in many everyday street style outfits. The jewel tone definitely flatters any type of hair color and skin tone but it especially emphasizes blondes. White gives a polished look to an outfit with sapphire blue so they are a good color pair.

sapphire blue jumper | Aelida


Amethyst purple actually approaches a more indigo hue rather than violet. Cold skin tones will benefit hugely with this color as amethyst will look good on them. Like in the picture below, coral actually looks great to match with this jewel tone.

amethyst sweater


I love how jewel magenta touches up a few ounces of violet into its overall pink hue. It makes for a splendid pink outfit that will make you more of a grownup. Crisp white and jet black are amazing neutral colors to pair with this jewel tone.

jewel magenta blazer | Aelida


You must be thinking, “Wait, isn’t this just black?” That’s where you are wrong. There are tons of shades of black there. Contrary to what most people think, black is not a straightforward color. Even it has different shades. And onyx, a shade lighter to the crude black, gives off glossy sleekness. This jewel tone is perfect for an everyday outfit that’s sleek and polished.

onyx black all-black outfit | Aelida