11 Outfit Ideas from 2015 Australian Fashion Week

While the Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks have come and gone, the Australian Fashion Week has just wrapped up a week ago. And the Land Down Under has so many fashion inspirations to offer! From the rising designers to the fabulous street style stars flaunting in their best dresses, the 20th Mercendez Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) was a buffet where, instead of food, gorgeous pieces and outfits made both the mouth and eyes water. Inspirations run abundant.

Among so many things, it was the precision tailoring of the garments, the bold and playful designs, and chicness with a dash of edginess that caught my attention on this year’s MBFWA. There were numerous interesting outfits for anyone.

Here, I give you the 11 gorgeous and inspiring outfit ideas from the 2015 Australian Fashion Week. Enjoy yourself to your very own sartorial buffet!

All-out Whites
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This season is white’s season. And what the Aussie’s have shown to us is that, with this color, we can go for something structured and for office to something feminine and brunch-worthy.
all white outfit

all white dress
Matching Separates
Taylor Swift, among other celebrities, have sealed the deal with matching separates for us. For the warmer season, find something with a bright and established print, preferably with white or any light neutral color. Leave your accessories and shoes neutral, too, to keep the attention to the glamorous separates.
matching separates blue

matching separate stripes
Bold and Playful Lip Prints
I never thought that I’d say this: I love pink dresses with lip prints! And MBFWA 2015 did it to me. There is something playful with the print while giving an added femininity. For your accessories, those pink prints will look great with white or pastel colors which will add more adorable feel to your entire outfit.
matching separate pink

bold lip print pink dress
Festive and Daring
For those who wants to go for a more cool and mature bold print look, find something festive and loud. You can either go all-out or keep the outfit in analogous colors.
printed bold

bold print separates
Stripes version 2.0
There are now three colors for stripes and I’m loving it! You can look for stand-alone garments for this next-generation stripes or a matching neutral or basic-colored piece. For those playing it safe, keep in mind to look for triple stripes that has one neutral color, either black or white.
stripes blue bold

stripes bold
Chic and Edgy
I guess we all already know the edginess a leather jacket brings to any outfit. So wear them over a loose full dress for an edgy summer look. And you always have the option of taking it out when it’s getting warmer, but you’ll still look chic and edgy with the jacket hanging over your shoulders or clutched on your arm.
pink dress leather jacket

flowy dress leather jacket
Orange Galore
Orange may not be the easiest color to pair something with. There’s the issue of whether your skin tone will look good at it or not. So you have two options: if you’re hesitant, go for a more matte shade rather than a bold, bright one or you can wear something bold and bright granted that there is a neutral color to balance things out. And did you know? Orange pairs greatly with blue!
color block orange and blue

color block tommy ton
Cowgirl Twist
There’s a bit of country/cowgirl thing going on here but they are also chic. To achieve this style, have one piece in your outfit that’s downright feminine (tiered little fringes, loose ruffled dress, et cetera).
cowgirl chic

white dress cowgirl
Light and Feminine
Spring and summer has always been the seasons for something breezy and lightweight. Pull off a twist to this style by unexpected color blocking or head-turning frilly silhouette.
orange color block

matching separate check
The Super Flares
Yes, flares are getting one of the biggest attention to fashion trends this season but the Aussies are going for something even bigger. Super flares! Huge hand-concealing flares at the edge of the sleeves, fitting silhouettes that ends in a glamorous upside-down V that’s covering your feet. This style itself is a wonderful accent even if the garment is just solid color.
all white pants and blouse
Sheer and Pretty
This will be great for either the beach or a night party. Alluring and yet still leaving some things to the imagination. See-through clothes have come a long way and now they’re stylish.
sheer shirt

sheer and lacy dress