12 Cute Outfit Ideas To Wear Kimono Jackets

When you think of kimono, the first thing that will pop out of your mind might not be those cute cardigan-like jackets we see running rampant on the streets. When I first heard of kimono getting trendy, I was quite confused myself. Has the fashion world turned to a whole new level of traditional culture-inspired clothing?

But when I realized that the kimono jackets that have been trending around the world was a non-lapel long cardigan-type of garment, I was relieved of my confusion. Now this is something we could incorporate in any kind of outfit. Kimono has been a fashion staple for when you want to dress a boho chic outfit but it rose to even more fame when it became one of the trendiest garments for summer.

So why were they called kimono jackets, you may ask? This is a personal theory of mine but if you try to wrap the kimono jacket around yourself and tie a belt, doesn’t it have a resemblance to the traditional kimono? Both also bear a pair flared sleeves.

Anyway, here are 12 cute outfit ideas to wear kimono jackets.

  1. Let your kimono jacket stand out by wearing it over a monochromatic outfit. Keep in mind that the kimono jacket’s color should be complementary to the color of your outfit.
    tan kimono over all-black outfit
  2. Add a little chicness to your black-and-white outfit without loosing the punkness of it by wearing a black printed kimono.
    printed kimono over black and white outfit
  3. Slip on a sheer plain kimono over your standard blouse and trousers combo for the office.
    blush kimono for office
  4. Remember that you have a loose top when wearing a kimono jacket so take note of pairing it with a tailored bottom.
    black kimono and skinny jeans
  5. An easy everyday outfit with kimono jacket is when you tie it to your waist and match it with a comfortable pair of pants.
    tied kimono and tailored pants
  6. For a printed kimono and plain shirt combo, you can either put on a neutral top underneath or one in bright color. When you wear a bright colored top, choose a color that’s in the floral prints.
    floral kimono over bright top
  7. For a printed kimono and a printed shirt combo, you just have to remember the ol’ mix print rule of mixing two prints with a common neutral tone.
    kimono jacket and printed shirt Lily Collins
  8. Dress up your simple top and pants outfit with a sheer and dressy kimono jacket that falls a few inches below or above your knees.
    dressy kimono over simple outfit
  9. Create a fake dress by wrapping a long knee-length kimono jacket around yourself with a dress fitting snugly underneath it. Be sure to stay away from lacy ones because those look like part of a lingerie.
    belted kimono
  10. If you will be pairing a skirt with your kimono jacket, make it either a pencil skirt or a flared mini skirt that falls a few inches below your kimono’s hemline. This will prevent swamping your silhouette.
    kimono and mini skirt for office
  11. Add a little femininity to your boyish and ragged shirt and boyfriend jeans outfit by donning a girly kimono jacket.
    kimono and ripped boyfriend jeans
  12. Go all-out modern with this boho chic staple by donning one that is well-tailored and pair it with an equally tailored dress. It’s a polished and neat look.
    nude kimono and white tailored dress