12 Lovely Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Date Nights

Whether it’s your first or not, date night is always an exciting event. But let’s face it. Under the surface of all that bubbly anticipation and gleeful excitement is the looming presence of this one anxious thought: “What am I going to wear?

During dates, you want to look presentable and your very best in front of your favorite guy. So it’s no question that you bother on what you will be wearing for the night. It’s a normal thing. And what’s great about date night outfits is that there is no concrete theme, really. All you have to consider when choosing the pieces of your outfit is the basic TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) and that your outfit should reflect your personal style. This summer, for instance, you would want to look fresh and relaxed on your date night.

So here are 12 lovely outfit ideas for your summer date nights.

1. Fresh Transition. Take a strappy shift dress and pair it with a strappy sandals for a refreshingly simple summer date night outfit. With a glossy clutch at hand, this will easily transition from lunch to dinner and is definitely wearable when you’re on a cruise.

slip dress and sandals date night outfit

2. Restrained Playfulness. Take a cute flouncy dress with a ruffled hemline and incorporate it in a pastel-themed date night outfit for a playful look this summer. But you can keep it down while also keeping yourself warm by donning a matching  tailored pastel-colored blazer.

flounce dress date night outfit

3. Minimalist Chic. Keep your date night outfit simple and elegantly minimalist with a cute and elegant dress and minimal accessories. I highly suggest white since it’s also one of the trendiest and freshest color this summer.

minimalist little white dress date night outfit

4. Simply Romantic. Keep your date night outfit simple yet absolutely romantic with a silky flowing dress with sheer overlay and a pair of pointy pumps. For a more summery look, take Eva Mendes’s cue and put on a lovely pair of hoop earrings and tie your bouncy curly hair up in a ponytail.

black flowing dress Eva Mendes

5. Girly in Floral. Here is another way that you could dress up that simple shift dress for your date night. Slip on a sheer lacy skirt that’s a few inches longer than your dress for a faux top-and-skirt look and accessorize with a statement necklace. The result is a girly look that’s great for summer.

lacy skirt date night outfit

6. Alluring in Lace. However, if you want to go for a different entirely allure-filled direction, you could go for a fitted pencil skirt with a lacy hemline and pair that with a similar colored slouchy sweater partially tucked underneath. Go for a monochromatic look as this will emphasize the texture that lace provides.

lacy dress date night outfit

7. Keep ’em casual. If you and your beau are simply going to hang out in a not-so-fancy restaurant that still requires a little dressing up and the night is cold, you could keep things casual yet still a tad bit fancy with a dressy top and leather pants.

navy blue silk top and leather pants date night outfit

8. Easily Elegant. This one’s an easy date night outfit to create. Just take your dressiest jumpsuit, a few accessories, a pair of heels and a clutch. It’s pretty simple but the result is stunningly elegant, I guarantee. This is really great for those who are going to some casual gallery showing.

white jumpsuit date night outfit

9. Casually Edgy. Going to both of your favorite band’s summer concert? Here’s a grate date night outfit for you. Slip on something glittery or metallic and put those desert boots you’ve been using at the festival season to use again. The key here is to think dark yet thin material and the glittery and metallic element adds an edgy sophistication to your outfit.

burgundy pants and blazer casual date night outfit

10. Easy and Comfortable. If you’re going to be spending your night watching movies, try out that easy and comfortable look below. You don’t have to layer your outfit, necessarily, since it’s summer. But if it’s unusually cold outside, why not?

checked date night outfit

11. Feminine and Simple. You could keep it simple yet still feminine with a dressy top and a pair of jeans. Bring the attention to your top and keep the rest of your date night outfit neutral or basic.

dressy top and ripped jeans casual date night outfit